e chi la paga?

troppe troppe troppe nuove uscite!

Rimpiango i teneri giorni dei miei confusi empirici approcci alla fotografia, in cui le macchine fotografiche erano imperituri carri armati dalla vita di minimo dieci anni (vedi Canon 6D).

Ora come gli smartphone?

Vi prego, no

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Alpha 1 è la nuova fotocamera mirrorless di Sony.


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It's incredible. I sent several emails to @piwigo@twitter.com support but even after re-sending the same messages three times I rarely get an answer.

This customer support service needs a drastic improvement!

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If you’re wondering which messaging platform is used by arguably the most informed data protection regulator on the planet? /6

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some alarming climate stats

# bitcoin
685 kWh per transaction
326 Kg of CO2
equivalent to 100,000 VISA transactions.

# ethereum
35 kWh per transaction
20 Kg of CO2
equivalent to driving car 100km or electricity consumption of a European for 4 days


this is a test tweet to check my rss-bridge instance status

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@glxph_ automated cross-posting, it's a mess. I get you.

Open sourcing the Bernie Sanders meme maker and getting 7 PRs in few hours. The power of the internet!

You're a genius, @nick_sawhney@twitter.com.


(Source code: github.com/nicksawhney/bernie-)

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Dal Belgio il vaccino che pensa a tutto il pianeta

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Every time the US has a change of administration, @EFF@twitter.com staffers - lawyers, policy analysts, activists - create a "transition memo": a series of one-page briefings on the tech policy issues the new admin should take up. The Biden memo is GREAT.



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w t f ?

I might have apologized for this temporary madness if I hadn't bought one of the MacBooks which weren't “fixed”

I hope this is a joke

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Apple is planning for the return of the SD card slot in the upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. This is looking like the “fix everything” edition - with MagSafe also returning and the Touch Bar going away. bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

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pose growing dangers. The world needs urgent action to ensure their elimination & prevent catastrophic human & environmental consequences. Elimination of nuclear weapons remains the highest disarmament priority for @UN@twitter.com.

Treaty enters into force today.

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Want your own website but not sure how to start? Describe your web dev skills to me in a sentence and I’ll respond with the perfect stack for your own home on the web. (victoria.dev/neofeed/bb1f25ba-)

Planet Earth would be a much darker and cold corner of the Universe if Dropkick Murphys did not exist.

non seguirò mai più una crisi di governo in diretta

che ansia

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@xplosionmind@twitter.com @willbrowningme@twitter.com No problem! It's actually only $12 a year so even cheaper 🙌

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Leggere questo è esattamente ciò che ci serve.

Eccetto la parte in cui WhatsApp controlla i contenuti delle chat (unica cosa che non può fare), è anche molto fedele a ciò che accade nella realtà.


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