First trip out with the new X-H2 📷 toy. K&F 10-stop ND filter, 20 frames pixel-shifted, 4s and 40MP each.

Don’t believe anyone who says you “need” to use Fuji’s pixel-shift combining app and it somehow can’t handle subject movement. It’s 20 individual RAF files with sub-pixel registration jitter, you’re free to blend them however you like. A pleasant workflow to live with.


Sunset over Crieff - a surprising bright patch of orange/red just above the hills, below ominous blue-grey storm clouds

Cygnus Loop

Around 725pc (2400ly) distant, the Cygnus Loop (Sharpless Sh2-103) is an emission nebula in Cygnus nearly 3° across, a large supernova remnant caused by a star 12-15 solar masses (unidentified).

Prints, etc:


Abstract shapes: trees in Dunning Glen with their summer foliage on. A good location for a longer chilled-out stroll despite the warmth outside.

Today in the woods

Summer schedule - more strolls in the local glen where it's cooler.

Experimenting with a new(-to-me) ultrawide zoom.

I've been meaning to take a photo of a thin crescent moon setting for a while. Couple of days ago I checked in Stellarium. Opportunity. Last night I remembered to check whilst driving back home from a day out west - parked-up ASAP and broke out the camera.

Simple pleasant things. Minimal skyscape/landscape. Silhouetted mountains.

Prints etc:

What goes down must go back up again…

An evening spent exploring the next town along in a little greater depth.

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