anyone who saw this, please be my friend!

@Isa if I'm not wrong, You're the one from stayc right? the pretty...🥺

@yiiren yes it's me eonnie... but hshshs you more pretty than me. 🥺❤

@Isa how about.. we're both pretty!? ah I'm looking forward to your activities anyway 💗

@yiiren that's a good idea, fair isn't it? 😆 what a kind of you... thank you for waiting us, goodluck for everglow i love all of your songs anyway! 🥺❤

@seochangbin you should have a great day too oppa! thankyou ⭐

@karitna Karina!! So glad to meet you here. Let's be friends! 💗

@karitna now you get it, Karina! Hope we can mingle well!

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