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The Allay winning the mob vote because it's the most efficient and not because some streamer said to vote for it mildly restores my faith in people

It's gonna take a lot to make me recover from that Glow Squid bs, though

Splurged a liiiittle bit, but now all my babies are in costume and ready to trick or treat!

The Glare is my favorite appearance-wise, but the Allay is 100% the most efficient. Copper Golems are cute, too, but they go around randomly pressing buttons, which can be a lot of trouble.

oh noooo I woke up hungry but I went back to sleep bc I was still tired and now I'm so hungry that I feel sick

All three mobs are adorable, but the Allay is by far the most useful of the bunch.

Sure hope nobody influences the vote unfairly in the favor of one specific mob by sending their fans to mass vote for it. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

will there ever be a good mobile game that doesn't rely on microtransactions or is that physically impossible

can we discuss the absolutely horrible US box art for Cookie Shop where they add in a random human lady who is not only a jarringly different art style than the other characters but also does not appear/exist in the game at all as opposed to the original box art

reddit really saw discord server boosts and went "let's do that too"

it's nearly 9 PM and I just heard a ringneck dove outside cooing

it's uh

it's a little late, isn't it, bud

anyone know what to do if you heard an extremely loud video and now your ears won't stop pounding inside /gen /srs

granted I shouldn't watch unrelated video replies on tweets to begin with and normally I don't but it looked interesting

my ears are literally throbbing inside

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remind me again why I keep watching twitter video replies with audio on

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jesus CHRIST i just saw a screamer and got my eardrums blown the hell out

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