@Yeeji agskkaldh I JUST KNEW THIS but how I need guidelines

@somi you're being clingy ♡ why? bcs no one knows you here?

@Yeeji u did it to me. like this. how u found me ?

@mariahwasa LOL YEAH FOODCAS HERE idk what should I eat today too much foods inside my head

this app is kinda boring. sorry 😔🎻

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A little thread about Mastodon.

( but sorry for my limited English skill, I just trying to help)

@maark@mstdn.social stop it smoli u lil boi :cate:

@jisugn whats the diff between online and social bro?

@jisugn i think gonna delete this app bcs that news. this is funny bcs twitter being j3rk lol

@nini nini knows alhan, aren't u? are u minhyung's friend?

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