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I just realized that the giant jumps in Mario Kart are actually mini loading screens.


The Republicans believe the purpose of the government is to serve the wealthy, and that the most effective way to achieve that is through iron fisted control of the lower classes to ensure they have no ability to challenge that.

The Democrats, on the other hand, believe the purpose of the government is to serve the wealthy, and that the most effective way to achieve that is by keeping the lower classes just comfortable enough that they don’t feel motivated enough to challenge that.

So conflicted.
The Quest 2 is game changer VR.
But I hate facebook.
I don't want to get banned from FB for hacking.
But I also want to "do bad things".

So I use Playnite to launch Watchdogs 2, which then opens the Epic Launcher, which then opens the Ubisoft Launcher, which then opens Watchdogs 2.

I don't see any problems with the modern state of PC gaming.

I listen to a lot of music on YouTube and I'm tired of having my favorite tracks and albums get deleted.

My solution is writing a easy to use front-end for youtube-dl

Is it just me or is the Epic Game Store borked af?

Anyone ever noticed how all the cups at McDonalds are clearly marked as being recyclable yet McDonalds doesn't have recycling bins?

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happy labor day police are not workers and should not be part of any unions

"Labor day sale" has got to be one of the most offensive phrases of all time.

The whole holiday has just turned into the exact opposite of its original premise.

Welp, really regretting buying an RTX2070 recently...

Trying to explain why we should use a framework:

"So this is like being asked to build a house. But instead of going to the lumber yard and buying the wood we need, we're walking out to the forest with a chainsaw, choosing the trees we want, cutting them down, loading them onto the truck, then driving them home to be processed by hand.

Instead of following blueprints designed by an established team of architects, we're drawing our own on notebook paper and hoping it works out. "

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Adventure cyberpunk thriller game "Beyond a Steel Sky" released for Linux!

This is a sequel to the classic point & click adventure "Beneath a Steel Sky" (1994).

The original is freeware now; can be played through ScummVM.

#gaming #linux #cyberpunk #steam #adventure #beyondasteelsky #ScummVM

When you mute one user and the entire timeline has to reload...

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Just spent like an hour furiously trying to flash the wrong BIOS image to my mobo.

Was complaining to my wife "it's like these instructions are for a totally different mobo".

Turns out they were...

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