Would love to take this "fresh start" opportunity to get to know any tweeps who have fallen victim to the algorithms. If we're connected across the platforms but haven't interacted much, come over and share some tea! (or maybe vodka better fits the current climate? 🤔)

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@zaelyna I'll share some tea! I'm Rachel. I'm a Digital Marketer who grew up around the film industry and fell in love with writing when I was "supposed" to be an actress. Pleasure to re-meet you!

@RachelSL Love it! Best of both worlds, though, so really it works in your favor.

What are some of your tea preferences? I'm addicted to one called Purple Rain lately. Completely converted me from hot to iced. 🤗 🍵

@zaelyna OOOh, what's in it? I'm drawn to this one called Pomegranate Green that I just love drinking in the morning. I have a black tea I like, too (Yunnan jig), but I prefer it with a tea biscuit! A LITTLE too bitter on its own.

@RachelSL Ohh pomegranate green sounds right up my alley! 😋

This one has:
- Organic Lemongrass
- Kenyan Purple Tea
- Hibiscus
- Apple Pieces
- Rosehips
- Natural Passion Fruit Flavour

@zaelyna OOooh, looks amazing. And now I have the song stuck in my head. 😆

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