Don’t say “there are no alternatives” when what you really mean is “I can’t be bothered to use the alternatives.”


@aral I mean, yes and no. As an example, I hate Facebook as much as the next socially conscious person, but a lot of local stuff is only available on Facebook. Which has frustrated me for years at this point. The biggest issue is that a lot of social media needs to reach proper mainstream before it becomes useful for certain use cases.


@SarahXcellence @aral This is on point. FB is one of the main ways I and many others look for job opps in my industry. Folks have made attempts at using other platforms, but they rarely stick. So I remain. 🤷

FB has also become so embedded into other tech that it's more and more frequently the *only* way to login/interact with certain sites, which presents its own level of frustration.

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@zaelyna @aral Yeah, my workplace uses Workplace (=FB) for a lot of stuff and I hate it. But what can you do. Certainly not convince a gigantic corporation not to use an FB product, apparently. At least that’s separate from my private user.

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