Came up with youtube channel idea, wrote four episodes (drafts). 1000 words an hour. Pretty subjective, but is this an OK speed to write a script at?

It's a trash script right now, never really written a script before.

#screenwriting #writing

@MaxDamage Own the pace that works for you. Trash scripts are a lot easier (and often freeing) to shape than a blank page. You've got the right instinct, IMO. 💪

How are those edits going?

@zaelyna hey thanks! The edits are liberating! I've basically changed the entire format and content at this point, but it's lots better!


@MaxDamage For real! It can be brutal sometimes with those major rewrites, but I often feel like I wouldn't have even gotten that far without the initial 🤮 version.

Glad to hear it's shaping up, though. ^.^

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