Comedian talks hot political topics 

Sometimes you need to just laugh about the darker side of life. This one really helped boost my mood after a tough couple of weeks.

Jason Cheny on Don't Tell Comedy shares a session on "The American Dream".

Discovered a hidden feature in the menu clock settings where an AI can automatically update aloud on the time. It can be set to 1/4hr, 1/2hr, or 1hr intervals.

I suspect I've finally found a lifehack for the worst of my executive dysfunctions. ⌛ 🙏 🤗

Some (most) of my house plants are hanging by threads, so I switched them all into fresh soil with layers of lava rocks to hopefully allow for better drainage. I've restored life to a few of these before; let's see if I've got it in me again! 🤞🌱

@RachelSL Hm, I must've missed it. Glad to see you back around these parts though!

Duolingo continually proves itself adequate at helping me READ other languages, but I still struggle with ways to balance out my auditory progress. 🥴

Does anyone have strong recs for upgrading their 2nd language skills? Bonus if it accommodates learners with auditory processing struggles. 🙏 I've tried several video options in the past, but nothing sticks the habit the way Duolingo does.

@yarmo Vicious cycle. How do you manage to break out of it?

Excellent article explaining different types of rest and their value toward building a healthy, balanced life. So many of us think of physical/mental rest but how are you practicing self-care for the others?

"7 Types of Rest That Every Person Needs"

@storyartist OMG right? Seems like the type to flip off Cal and save his own skin, but he *just so happens* to follow him as he chases after Rose for the convenience of Cal snatching the gun to up the stakes.

Rewatched TITANIC for the first time in awhile and it still holds up so well! The production and sound design, costumes, writing, performances, music… I’m definitely craving more unique spectacle films of this caliber again, but it kinda feels like the last film(s) in that arena were Jackson’s LORD OF THE RINGS.

Am I forgetting others?

@jrorci They’re fantastic, right? I’ve got a koosh ball as my latest, but looking into a few additional options to keep it interesting.

@hilarylvh That cake looks incredible! And from the ingredients, sounds super delicious! 😋

@RachelSL Aside from the aforementioned 'Booksmart' and 'Spy' I highly recommend 'Plan B,' directed by Natalie Morales.

Other great recs:
- 9 To 5
- Little
- Sister Act
- The Hustle
- Troop Beverly Hills
- Bad Moms
- Isn't It Romantic

@MaxDamage For real! It can be brutal sometimes with those major rewrites, but I often feel like I wouldn't have even gotten that far without the initial 🤮 version.

Glad to hear it's shaping up, though. ^.^

@MaxDamage Own the pace that works for you. Trash scripts are a lot easier (and often freeing) to shape than a blank page. You've got the right instinct, IMO. 💪

How are those edits going?

Shaping up to be a music-recharge kinda day:

How do y'all transition between creative projects and recharge that muse?

My computer's spelling/grammar check is glitching big time this week and I have to keep teaching it that things like "it's," "doesn't," and "you're" are legit word options being used in the correct context. 🤦

Some people rely on these features for various reasons and are being steered wrong.

@mmoses02 As a fan of horror/thriller but not gore, I appreciate your areas of focus! Would love to hear what kinda stuff you have in the works lately. 😄

@storyartist Love this one; it pops up in my playlists often. I'm not familiar with the full story, but it was composed for a video game trailer, right? Chilling.

@yordansic Unexpected, but fully appreciated comment to appear in my feed. 🤗 👻

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