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@RachelSL A little splash of color goes a long way without being too overwhelming. Looks inviting!

Big fan of tracks and often lean into them when I need a certain mood. The way captures emotions is an unmatched level of creative expression.

"Happy Outside, Sad Inside" from Martin Czerny is really hitting that sweet spot today:

Haven't woken up this early to tackle a script scene in ages! How do you all manage consistently??

After months toiling with that work/life balance and needing to focus on a lot of self-care, my brain's [almost fully] back in business. FADE OUT is in sight. It's been a rough ride, but I've learned so many new skills that'll make the next project even smoother. 🤗

Any other users active on here? How often do you find yourselves assessing your monthly trackers and making adjustments?

I just reduced my habit tracker by ~1/2 after realizing I carried over several unnecessary/neglected habits these last few months. Usually stick to the basic OG style with some personalized mods that have evolved over the years, but overall happy where I've landed.

Did you know only has about one thousand people across all these sites who are providing financial support? In addition to supporting your local instance admins, if you can please consider donating to Mastodon development.

@SarahXcellence @aral This is on point. FB is one of the main ways I and many others look for job opps in my industry. Folks have made attempts at using other platforms, but they rarely stick. So I remain. 🤷

FB has also become so embedded into other tech that it's more and more frequently the *only* way to login/interact with certain sites, which presents its own level of frustration.

@storyartist 👀 Ooh, no! And it has Ted Danson?? *scrambles to find it*

Spent awhile wondering if I'd find enough shows to satifsy my love for the dark/cynical tones of BLACK MIRROR and INSIDE NO.9, but suddenly they're everywhere, and with that low-key splash I love to incorporate in my own writing.

You know I'm hooked when my initial response off the bat is "This is sooo F*d up! I love it!"

@andreaberting MOOD. Usually by the time I get into a rhythm, a new job opp arrives, or the current gig wraps up and I have to start the process over again. 🥴 But it certainly keeps you on your toes, doesn't it?

Here's to things smoothing out for you soon!

@LukeZwan Oh wow, not familiar with any of these. Love the High Rise concept -- time based games can be stressful 🥴

@jrorci Huzzah! Solitaire is one of my faves! I’m also fond of FreeCell and Spider Solitaire. 🃏

Really digging digital jigsaw puzzles lately. Anyone else have app recs they enjoy?

I think my relationship with Mastodon is stuck in a time loop. I keep seeing posts from "one day ago" that are otherwise stamped with dates from 2-3 days ago and I already struggle to keep track of the days of the week haha... ⌛ 🗓️ 😱

@RachelSL Love that idea! What a great way to bond with your kids and create beautiful memories together!

Also: happy early birthday! 🥳

@jrorci Been thinking exactly the same, despite all the curation I've done on Twitter, things still manage to get lost in the algorithms.

@RachelSL Ohh pomegranate green sounds right up my alley! 😋

This one has:
- Organic Lemongrass
- Kenyan Purple Tea
- Hibiscus
- Apple Pieces
- Rosehips
- Natural Passion Fruit Flavour

@RachelSL Love it! Best of both worlds, though, so really it works in your favor.

What are some of your tea preferences? I'm addicted to one called Purple Rain lately. Completely converted me from hot to iced. 🤗 🍵

Would love to take this "fresh start" opportunity to get to know any tweeps who have fallen victim to the algorithms. If we're connected across the platforms but haven't interacted much, come over and share some tea! (or maybe vodka better fits the current climate? 🤔)

@RachelSL Sounds familiar. I love when I can easily channel this stuff into my WIPs. It definitely shows on the page and IME makes a script that much stronger. 💪

Hope the sleep improves for you soon! It makes all the difference.

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