Paypal for payments: never again.

I made that available to clients, and one used it. Nice, easy transaction, got paid immediately.

Except PayPal keeps the money back for "security" reasons. Ok, so a day or two, who cares - I thought.

But it's not that easy.

First, when you use an external software to create the "invoice" in PayPal, you have to manually mark it as processed. You have a choice of adding some kind of postage information or mark it as a service, which I did immediately.

Once marked like that, the money will be "made available" within 7 days. Without that, it's 21 days.

So I expected it 7 days later. 9 days later, nothing. I pinged support, they said "you didn't mark it as shipped, so it takes 21 days".

I not so kindly informed them that I marked it as a service on the same day it was created, so they should get their act together. The next day, without response, the money was available.

What does available mean?

Not that it arrives on your account, no, but that you can manually trigger a transaction to your account.

Which takes 2 days. Because "security reasons".

So on top of the not-too-shabby fees PayPal takes, they also make interest off your money for at least 9 days. And Cthulhu forbid you are lax and forget to take the manual steps for a while, it could easily become a month.

This is a predatory business model. I've deactivated the PayPal integration immediately after this experience.


@jens Now try taking Paypal for payments in China.

Paypal is on my permanent "do not engage" list. Western Union, with its oft-derided fees and delays, is a superior choice over Paypal!

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@zdl @jens

the options are not that much. Papyal works for me, but has some restrictions which makes it unusable for some projects. For standard business it works ok.

Main problem is that the customer is not willing to move to Crypto. I run a self hosted btcpay server, supporting BTC and Dash Payments, but people are not willing to change to it.

IMHO adult industry must change to crytop soon, then a change will start also for non adult business.

Wetsern Union does not work for (...)

@kmj @jens

Well, you can add me to the list of customers unwilling to move to crypto"currencies" because they're not usable as currencies.

Oh, and they kill planets. But that's secondary, really, to them being basically useless.

everybody his own view at things. I do think they are usable and coins like e.g. dash works pretty fine for low fee, low risk payments.

there will be a lot of changes in mining soon too, reducing energy required for it and also lot of mining will move to renewable energy.

but it was more directed to jens mentioning his paypal problem to rule out that business and customers misses a great, low fee, low risk payment possibility.


@kmj @zdl I'm just as good with stripe as I am with PayPal, and while I'm sure Stripe has its share of issues, I haven't been so blatantly fucked over by them.

As for crypto, those mining changes that are supposed to come really soon have been coming really soon for a bunch of years now. Might as well call it vaporware at this point.

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