I know film is fantasy. I also know that post-production can take a long, long time. And still I wish that film released in 2021 and set in the real world had characters deal with masks and covid jabs and all that. It feels increasingly shallow for not acknowledging how life has become.


@jens I don't know. Given how badly the first films (and television shows) that mentioned 9/11 afterwards botched the job, I'd rather wait a while and see it handled less stupidly than see it quickly and wrong.

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@zdl I don't want films made about it, I just want to see people wearing masks when they go out and have small talk about how long they felt which symptoms from the jab in a very matter-of-fact, non-sensational kind of way.

@jens There is absolutely NOTHING that Hollywood can't mangle. NOTHING. I swear it's a miracle to me that they manage to get the sun rising in the East!

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