@patterfloof Buffett, of course, not buffet. Though it seems clear he's likely been to one too many of the latter…

@zdl ah right, I'm non-US so hadn't seen/heard much about him

@zdl Image description:

Bill Gates: Mom sat on the same board as the CEO of IBM and convinced him to take a risk on her son's new company

Jeff Bezos: Started Amazon with $300k in seed capital from his parents and more from some rich friends

Warren Buffett: The son of a powerful congressman who owned an investment company

Elon Musk: Dad owned an emerald mine in apartheid South Africa

@bgcarlisle @zdl - the independently-wealthy and self-made billionaires are largely mythological. Self-made billionaires are unicorns.

@zdl billionaires give your wealth to BIPOC, you cowards

@theruran Could you please translate this into a) coherence, and b) English?

Thanks in advance for your hard work.

@theruran No, I meant the whole thing. How do billionaires give my wealth to BIPOC?

This is an invitation to think before you write. To write a coherent sentence that communicates instead of duckspeaking.

@zdl I was addressing billionaires to give their wealth, not that they would read this anyway. it was a mood today

@theruran @zdl There was a comma missing to make it clear, but anyone reading it charitably would have understood it either way.

@clacke @theruran This isn't a case of "uncharitable". This is a case of "bewildered".

Someone embedded in modern-day sloganeering might be able to get the intended meaning, but someone not thusly embedded (hint: me) was faced with a sentence that made no cognitive sense.

It was a sentence that was grammatically … let's be polite and call it "ambiguous" … paired with jargon in a seeming non sequitur (since there was no context in which addressing billionaires was a natural outcome).

@zdl Don't forget you have to take care to be born as a white male! That is quintessential!

You may not go as far as a man would if you're an Ivanka or a Paris, but your family's money and connections will still get you further than most people.


In France there is one, Xavier Niel.
What ? He is now the son-in-law of the 2nd richest in the world ?

Must be a coincidence...

Rich "investors" give money to ground-breaking inventors, not just pornographic companies owned by their friends.

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