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to be clear, BETA 2 IS HERE AND WE ARE SUPER EXCITED (not sure if you can you tell...😜) !!!! 🕺🎊🙌

🐦🔗: twitter.com/element_hq/status/

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Matrix Live time! Amsha and Eric walk us through the Information Architecture experiments for Element Mobile, and Andy shows us how their Greasemonkey script allows them to quickly experiment with Element Web's UI


Why is every video about setting up a LSP server in neovim at least 20 min long?

Seems like 80s japanese funk/soul and pop is what lately makes my body move :catjam:


*sigh* Setting the alarm from 12pm to 7am ...

I really like the idea of . It is just that I do not have found any use it.

honestly looks like something that should be the new standard for .
is too overkill for just showing text and images. There is no need to make thinks complicated with html and css.

Sitting here hoping it people with power take notice of that.


Why do people here "favorite" posts so little? Is it not like a "like"?

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Let the patching continue:


Various fixes for URLs, popups, UI behavior and drawing, and some cleanup.

This also has a new feature: "Split tabs evenly" takes sidebars into account when sizing the split, for a more balanced layout.

#Lagrange #Gemini

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I'm reading a lot about #DuckDuckGo (Search) using Microsoft trackers. According to my research this is not true. The issue is that the DuckDuckGo browser allows third party scripts from Microsoft on third party websites. This has nothing to do with the search engine. DuckDuckGo CEO has published a statement: old.reddit.com/r/technology/co

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