We are calling for RMS to be removed from all leadership positions in the FOSS community, including the FSF and GNU, and for the FSF board to resign. Join us. rms-open-letter.github.io/

@ehashman sorry, but what the hell is wrong with you? worrying about RMS and shit and having a letter in #github a privative service, what kind of joke is this?

it is like: "lets meet in a butcher shop to sign a letter against the leader of that vegan organization"

no one doing it have any moral to call RMS a "dangerous force in the free software community"

just my opinion 🙂

@adbenitez @ehashman What’s wrong with using GitHub to promote ideas in the FOSS community? You may not like it, and I will admit that it’s not exactly ideal that it’s owned by Microsoft, but it’s an integral part of the FOSS community nonetheless.

Also, I don’t see why doing something imperfectly removes someone’s right to complain about someone else in a position of much greater power doing something far worse.

@zootoot @ehashman I didn't say you can't complain about someone else, but that you are the same you are criticising,

it is like throwing bombs to protest against terrorism 🙄


@adbenitez @ehashman First of all, it’s more like using pepper spray to protest terrorism. Don’t act like daring to use GitHub is nearly as bad as what Richard Stallman has said.

Secondly, there’s no reason for you to have been so snarky with the “what the hell is wrong with you” in your first reply and the eye roll in the second.

@zootoot @ehashman still not convinced of #1 but it is your opinion 👍

and yes, sorry for #2 it was a bit of a half joke/rant ✌️

@zootoot @adbenitez @ehashman May I ask what exactly you don't like about Richard Stallman?

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