Anti-electricity cartoon from 1889.

Electricity is portrayed as a spider with a cobweb of electrical wires for trapping its human victims.

Also features the mandatory skull, dead horse, and a mother with a child killed by the daemon.

I've been reading a lot of and been seeing more new articles popping up about . So read up on the status of them. I expected to find semi-practical goggles and some sort of collective universe that people could view and add to, like in many books. All ARs seem very localized, application specific and/or designed for phones only. Eyewear mostly too bulky or limited display capability. Really disappointing, i guess I'll have to wait another decade

Did you see the news that all of the instruments are aligned now?

Check out this comparison of one of the newly released calibration images from the MIRI instrument compared to images taken of the same region of space by the WISE and Spitzer space telescopes! Look at that resolution! So many newly resolved stars and structures! 🤩

I can't wait for all the new discoveries we'll make with JWST! data starts in only a couple months!

(Image from @/AndrasGasper on birdapp)

Another beautiful #JWST before-and-after, again making me think what can be done with deconvolution in high S:N imaging


Since #JWST's MIRI is getting lots of before-and-after love, I thought I'd do the same for the Fine Guidance Sensor: here's one of its two fields in the Large Magellanic Cloud as previously imaged in the near-IR by's VISTA survey telescope.



Started working on these for this year's coaster show submissions, wish me luck!! 🤞🏼😊


- I'm an illustrator from bavaria. 🍺🥨
- My work is about fantasy characters and worlds.
- So far, my art is still a hobby 😅, but let's see what the future will bring.

#art #mastoart #traditionalart
🔥 🎨

Im not going to argue about , but it seems like most resent s have some war crimes and all historical wars commonly used war crimes. So it seems term of war crimes begin to loose impact. on the other hand seem to be hand seem to be lumped with war crimes making it less impactful. Im not sure how to emphasis the difference, but media and politicians
should come up with something.

As China cracks down more and more on criticize of itself both inside and outside of China, I'm curious what is minimal criticism you can get away with?

Can you say "China isn't that great?"

or is that too much

Stuffed animals that ship vacuum packed seem uniquely disgruntled about their situation.

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