I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

[] problems and have gotten our of hand. I think governments should preform or fund regular scans of the internet users/companies/websites for holes and require ISPs to inform custumers of the problem. Also they should perform or fund scans/serveys of software/app repositories, Linux software packages for securities holes. As well as software module repositories like cpan, pypl, npm, etc. It would be somewhat expensive, but much less than the cost of hack.

Updated to combat , without censorship. So if a user consistently post a banner goes up on their page, and any of their posts. It shows a count of each instance of false info, misleading info, fake quote, altered video, etc. Also note source if reposting stuff traced back to state run propaganda campaign. Banner goes away if user post without fake news for X days and Y posts. This solves the problem of the delay it takes to detect and verify fake news. Might work

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