A funny i just read

"The looked a little contrite. Ah, well, I have difficulty reading the tiny books you little people make, so I invented something I call an .
Oh? A sort of magic? Booksie wondered. Library magic always fascinated me!
Likewise! But no. An audio book is when you find someone that can read and translate a book at the same time, usually a scholar, and then kidnap them so that they can read to you."

Cinnamon Bun by RavensDagger


This is a present I made a while ago, but i just can across the photo, so thought id share, feel free to copy the idea. They are all natural in vials

just suck, they offer no benefit to anything, except to themselves. Nothing. I just read this, where owes $2+ billion to a company that doesn't produce anything, except the law suit, that is. bloomberg.com/news/articles/20
So i was thinking, they should make a law so that a is considered abandon(ie can't sue), if the owner has no plans on producing anything using the patent concept or anything derived from the original idea. Seem like a common sense solution.

Here is a better way to slice a , in my opinion. It is thinner even width slices, easier to fit in mouth. Cut to be more like appetizer.

[/#news] Pretty cool. A cross border seesaw, across the , to use between Mexico and USA.


[] I know its a bit on the late side but businesses should put out for customer service workers, like grocery store workers. Businesses aren't going to give hazard pay for increased risk of , but a tip jar may help. I doubt they even get payed time off if they get covid.

This is kinda neat. It claims a restoration, but allot of it is rebuilding from scratch. Including making screws. All using fancy professional machining tools. It's a bit long but if you play it in the background, while doing something.

Amazing photo of California-Nevada state line on Aug. 15 by KateLynn and Jordan Hewlett

[] sure have come along way, check out the video, these are actual robots from Boston Dynamics sold for $74,500

[] A solution for the problem without censorship. Twitter is doing a bit, but mostly just deletes

At the bottom of questionable posts.
[flag] for country + link describing real source of disinformation
[Disinformation warning] w/ link to more reliable source to info
[Altered video/image/quote warning] w/ link to original
[Deep Fake warning] w/ link to original

Won't cure the problem, maybe people will be change their minds if they realize they are being manipulated

[] Attention all , I have a solution to the good/evil thing, without the problems with free will. Upon death a mark forms on the forehead. One symbol for good, another for evil. Punish accordingly. Pretty good, right? So give it a try and if you are in a different universe, let me know you it goes

[] There should be a database for all the names of things used fictional books/movies/tv/etc. Things like names of characters, currency, places, alien species, creatures, etc. This would be useful to authors so 10 books don't have the same main character, but also for fans that are interested in such things.

An example:
and a bunch more list.fandom.com/wiki/Special:S

but these are far from complete and in list form, not a db

So i realized its not 1995, so i got rid of my , canceled my account , and upgraded my

BTW why are we still using animated gifs and jpegs. Seriously they are 25+ year old technology

Anyways this is my first micro-blog. I doubt ill be posting more than a couple times a week. Mostly about updates to my projects, cool new science/photos/art/nature, politics that really concern me, and ideas i have.


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