@thor We don't have monsoons all year round though, our 3 seasons are perfectly divided.

@mur2501 @thor Singapore, earlier this year. We get this stuff all the time. It's mildly more common during certain times of the year.

@loke @thor Yeah we also had some rains in the summer this year, mostly its due the climates getting erratic

@loke @thor coz the old people say this type of very hot climate then suddenly rain then hot again was not seen before.

@loke @mur2501 @thor I miss torrential rain like that.

Does it bring a cool change with it?

@uoya @loke @thor If its an unseasonal rain in the summer then it cools down the temperature for a day or two. Rainy season is relatively cooler not exceeding temperatures of 30°C mostly.

@uoya @mur2501 @thor well only temporarily. It gets cooler a little before it starts, but as soon as the sun comes out again it gets hot. The roads tend to try out very quickly (less than an hour) so you don't even notice it's been raining.

Unless it's a rainy period when it constantly rains. Then it really has no chance to heat up.

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