@thor @juliobiason Actually. It's more than one line of change. The limit 500 is hardcoded is many different places. I noticed that when I looked for the limit some time ago. It's almost as if they want to make it as hard as possible to change.

That said, if you use the Glitch fork (like what is used on this instance) then you can set the limit to whatever you want. Pleroma also supports that, and its default is 5000.

@loke @thor @juliobiason Mastodon was supposed to be identical to Twitter so maybe thats why it still embraces the microblogging limits.

@mur2501 @thor @juliobiason Well, I think this is just gargrons opinion. He's the one that makes the decision for Mastodon, and he doesn't want to have messages longer than 500 characters and no one has been able to convince him otherwise yet.

I'm happy my instance supports 2500 characters. I have only run into that limit a few times.

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