One of the most important feature requests we've heard from you is "WHERE THE HECK IS MY MOBILE APP?"

Here's a straight answer:

YES, we're excited to announce that an Android version of Thunderbird is coming!

We'll have more details to share with you in a few weeks. We'll talk to you about it here, and over on our blog at

@thunderbird I'll be honest. I have never, ever asked myself this question.
@thunderbird I'm an avid user of fairemail but for sure I will install TB and try it out

@marud Great to hear! Can't wait to tell you more about it.

@marud @thunderbird
Same. I bought the Pro-Version to get S-Mime but if TB Android has this feature, I'll of course try it out.

@thunderbird Actually my main feature request is "tray functionality when", but birdtray is pretty good.
Actually I realise the only problem I have with thunderbird is the bumping scroll to selected email thing, oh, and sorting always defaulting to date ascending instead of following what I have set.

Anyway, android worth a look. ESPECIALLY if you support unifiedpush, as I'm not aware of any android mail client that does.

@thunderbird I like a lot your Desktop software, but I am sorry: nothing to do with @k9mail mobile App.

@thunderbird "in a few weeks"… sorry, I should more carefully read your posts. Thanks + can't wait! 💗

Do I remember correctly that a couple years ago you were short on manpower to maintain desktop version of Thunderbird?

@wolf480pl @thunderbird if done right, having an Android version can help with that. After all the guts are the same

@thunderbird FINALLY
I use fairmail currently but I'd love to try it out!

Also PLEASE have feature parity with the desktop version (PGP/SMIME) since most android apps are either not open source or missing them :(

Really really cool! Can I download a beta version? 😉

@thunderbird Nice ! I'll be glad to test it out, even if I'm currently fine with K9mail. (already using Thunderbird on desktop, though).

Great to see you around the Fediverse 🥳 :mastolove:
And I'm looking forward to see #Thunderbird on Android :mastolove:

However, I think that @Ahorn and @fuomag9 have raised two important points that I'd like to second:
Please plan to publish your app via #FDroid right from the start - and include encryption via #PGP and #SMIME :mastoinnocent:

Oh - and just drop the word here when you start looking for beta testers 😊

@thunderbird Maybe have a premium version like FairEmail's model to make the project sustainable...?

@thunderbird Please invest your effort in making encryption rules work again as in enigma. K9 with open key chain does already a good job on android. No need for tb there.

@thunderbird Good. I will have calendar and contacts ability? Similar to desktop version.

@thunderbird very stoked for this! I've not been satisfied with K9, mostly just because of some illogical decisions it has on merged inboxes. Fairemail is functional but it ain't pretty. So there is a real need for FOSS alternatives!

@thunderbird damn that's awesome! the current options for mobile email clients are very ugly

@thunderbird this is the first good news I've heard about thunderbird in a decade :)

@thunderbird whaaaaaaaaat?

I mean, FairEmail has thrilled me now so mobile email is a high bar, but YAY!


can your mobile app do oauth authentication as now required by office 365?

Great news! I'll install as soon as I see it! You guys are really on a roll.

@thunderbird This is gonna be good. I use Fairmail a lot, so I'm excited to see what you guys can make. All I ask is to give UI and UX just as high of priority as actual functionality. An email client needs to both work well and look good doing it 😂👍🏼

I'm happy to read that ! I'll gladly test it, I currently use K9-Mail which is pretty decent already.

@Jonathan Thanks for offering! Stay tuned and we'll try to share all the details as soon as humanly possible.

@thunderbird Nice, the options for a good FOSS mail client are pretty sparse on Android in my opinion. I might try it out.

@thunderbird Great news, I'm looking forward to trying it out! I hope it will be available on Fdroid

@fmo That makes sense to us, in addition to releasing it as a standalone APK.

@thunderbird It will be interesting if you can create a better app than FairEmail 🙂 It can be hard, though, but it is not impossible.

@thunderbird Currently I am using FairEmail as my main email client, Thunderbird for android will be my choice I believe when it comes out.

@thunderbird starting with an Android version feels strange. There is @k9mail with PGP support that does tick a lot of boxes.
Sadly there is no good foss option on iOS.

Wow! That's amazing news!

I'm excited, and in a way relieved that I'll soon (?) wont have to redirect my colleagues who complain that they haven't found TB on the Playstore and hence cannot access their 📨 on their 📱.

Hopefully, it will implement the new "settings export-import" feature (and optionally, the cloud sync that I thought I read about here but cannot find any track of) to make the migration smooth.

Lightning and the cal- carddav sync would be the cherry on the top.

@thunderbird currently using Canary on iOS but would love to have TB for iOS also 🙏🏼🙌🏽

@thunderbird So far no mobile email app I've ever seen has proper filtering like #Thunderbird does. I really hope this survives in the mobile version!

O mio dio!!! Aspettavo questo momento da anniiiiiiiii!!

Forking Fairemail would be a GREAT idea. The autor stopped it in case of bigtroubles with google.

Ant this App has ALL what a mailclirnt needs!!!

@thunderbird Love to hear the news. Please strongly consider to make your app available in the F-Droid store. You definitely would fill a gap.

Since FairEmail is most-likely EOL, there are no alternatives left. (IMHO K-9 is none )

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