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Should do an introduction.

Ummm...started career as a software engineer working for startups and Fortune 500 companies...last title on business card was architect...and then decided to switch to marketing...I know, I'll burn in hell...

I hate adtech.

"Data-driven" anything makes my skin crawl. So does financial engineering. Ugh.

Try to use open source whenever possible.

One of the worst things is when major characters change actors in TV shows.

Have 15 items on my todo list for today.

I’m guessing 10 of them will be pushed.

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A&W introduced a burger that was bigger and less expensive than McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, but it failed because customers assumed 1/3 was less than 1/4.

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Sophie’s Choice spoiler 

Finished watching Sophie’s Choice. I don’t understand casting Peter MacNicol, it almost ruins the movie. He will always be the weird hospital lawyer from Chicago Hope (which was better than ER).

Plus wasn’t the choice predictable early on? Holocaust + 2 kids + movie title = duh. When Sophie finally talks about it, it’s anti-climactic. Was that the purpose?

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Things that should be illegal:
- HTML emails
- Electron applications
- All websites bigger than 10kb
- Proprietary software
- Zoom & co.
- Capitalism
- Weak type systems
- Weak type systems that call themselves strong but are really shitty
- Rewriting it in Rust
- Reference Counting
- Mathematical Platonism
- Whatever the fuck "realtime malloc" means
- Whatever the fuck "realtime stack allocation" means
- Go
- Medium blogs
- People who post their tweets on mastodon
- Using github / gitlab

“There is a widely held belief that because math is involved, algorithms are automatically neutral.

This widespread misconception allows bias to go unchecked, and allows companies and organizations to avoid responsibility by hiding behind algorithms.”


The fight against disinformation or fake news is futile. Humans make decisions based on emotions more than we are willing to acknowledge (see the advertising industry). Humans pick the tribe / outcomes they want and then back into rationalizations.

Abstract ideas based on “this is better for humanity” or “long term impact is catastrophic” does not activate our lizard brain.

You have to show directly how ideas impact each tribe NOW.

Don’t understand why democrats don’t get that.

Hah. Guess Jehovah’s Witnesses have gone online. Just got this attachment sent to my work email.

Finishing up first season of Rebecka Martinsson. Gotta figure out why I enjoy Scandinavian crime shows so much.

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Family starting to come over for . Gonna hide like the cat.

It’s where I learned about slurry pits... which led me down a disgusting rabbit hole on the Internet.

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One good thing about Netflix, I found I love Scandinavian crime shows.

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The plain text project, a listing of tools to help you do most of your work using plain text files.

Of all the movies Sigourney Weaver has done, I’m always surprised to see her in the Ghostbuster ones.

Tried to get my kid to watch Popeye, which I know is all sorts of complicated, but he didn’t last 5 minutes. It was “too boring.” Of course everything old school is boring compared to Paw Patrol and Transformers loud and jump cut-y action scenes. ☹️

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