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Should do an introduction.

Ummm...started career as a software engineer working for startups and Fortune 500 companies...last title on business card was architect...and then decided to switch to marketing...I know, I'll burn in hell...

I hate adtech.

"Data-driven" anything makes my skin crawl. So does financial engineering. Ugh.

Try to use open source whenever possible.

For some reason, I always mix up Hootie & The Blowfish and Dave Matthews. Maybe it’s because I don’t care for their music and my brain doesn’t want to spend any energy on it. But still bizarre.

This replacing kids playing outside to sports on weekends change blows. Sucks up valuable sleep and lazy time.

I’m pretty sure the only reason I’m watching House of Dragons is I loved Matt Smith’s iteration of Doctor Who.

Tried Powershell in Windows for the first time in a long time. Actually not completely terrible.

Am i the only person who finds
repos difficult to visually scan on mobile? Like why so much whitespace around the recent commits? And on sourcehut, the commit messages get chopped off after the first word.

Jumping around to random repos is challenging on either platform. Exploring is a pain.

Maybe I've gotten too used to GitHub and Gitlab.

Used tar and netcat for the first time to transfer huge files instead of scp.


What a speed difference.

Sorry, but the brobauchery oozing from this ad makes me feel like I've been violated.

I'm surprised he isn't on a boat.

“If a 10-year-old with her parents made the decision not to have a baby that was a result of a rape, if a 10-year-old became pregnant as a result of rape, and it was threatening her life then that's not an abortion," Foster told the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday.”

WTF. It’s amazing to see the mental gymnastics humans can do.

It’s 2022 and I still job listings for Chief Digital Officer. WTF. Is there a Chief Electricity Officer too?

Saw someone with 500 tabs in Safari on an iPhone. Turns out they didn’t know how to close tabs.

Everyone I read a crypto article, all I can think of is “financial engineering.” That’s not a good thing.

Requiring a 2 minute video when applying for a job is pure BS.

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Would any free and open source software developers here be interested in a free "basics of Rust" online training course? Something like a four hour session on a Saturday or Sunday, or two sessions of two hours, one on Saturday and one the next day.

I do paid training on this, and this would be a way for me to help the FOSS development community, and also get practice, and a bit of advertising.

Respond if you'd join. Boosts welcome.

If you don’t like the design of Hacker New, try a different front-end:

Gonna try to learn the basics of Common Lisp this weekend…for the fifth time. Gonna try the COMMON LISP: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation book.

Wish me luck.

There are very few things I hate more than long car drives on highways.

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Sick of people calling everything in crypto a Ponzi scheme. Some crypto projects are pump and dump schemes, while others are pyramid schemes. Others are just standard issue fraud. Others are just middlemen skimming of the top. Stop glossing over the diversity in the industry.


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Read our latest research on @Office365 and how it could be used by your employer to monitor your activities and read all your communications.

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