blog description: “i’m queuing post now” me: -post 3 drawings one after another- consistency

📷 how do how does how dou h how does he how bonus, along with extras of me tryin to figure out…. mouth….[[MORE]] the bonus: the extras:

i’m also thinking about relish…….. i should make me somethin to eat……..

thinking about sitting ducks au for exactly 3 minutes and 47 seconds

so i don’t know homestuck, but a friend does, and i’ve been liking their stuff, and now i’m getting dirk strider based on my likes, and i remember one time someone called me a dirk strider kinny, so……… idk man, make of that what you will i...

loosing a mutual is like “baby come back! i can change! (lying)”

wtf are tumblr takes wtf are youtube shorts if i go onto facebook or twitter am i going to get more tiktok wanna be videos following me, or tiktok reposted content i do not want your silly tiny phone video viewer i require long form commentary...

altadoodler: i don’t draw shiva enough, so plz take this lidol doodle of her before i go to bed also listen to flowers in my hair by wes reeve

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