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Decided to migrate from

I have absolutely nothing against anyone I knew there, but being on an instance named LinuxRocks made me feel obligated to focus on posting Linuxy things rather than more general topics (even though doing so was in no way a requirement; just a me thing)

So, here's to a fresh start.

future posts are likely to be full of FFXIV stuff

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the next big task I've been working on has been porting the history list from ListBox to ListView, as ListView is better suited for long, dynamic lists

had to rewrite several things on the backend, as well as rewriting the history items into a custom widget (old v new attached below; still need to tweak the spacing)

...but this change should also make the planned Stats view easier to implement in the future. Maybe even an option to export the history for...whatever use people can think of

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lolwhaaaaat Builder, Dippi, and Clairvoyant from 2022 running on Ubuntu 16.04. Flatpak is magic.

(The square borders MIGHT be because this is in a VM; I’m not installing that on bare metal…)

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Loving the new Calculator design for GNOME 43! It’s the little details, like matching the accent button to the icon. :)

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This week we released GNOME 43 “Guadalajara”! 🥳 To find out more, and to see what else happened this week, you should check out the latest issue of #ThisWeekInGNOME!



also I finally implemented a *very* long overdue feature: Undo after clearing the roll history

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Rust port of Roll-It is now at feature parity with the main Vala branch; will likely merge into main soon

The copy action is on a dedicated button now because it wasn't working when directly on the ActionRow, but that's the only real quirk between the two branches now

(I think I prefer how it looks with the dedicated button, anyway)

also shoutout to Loupe ( for being a great reference for setting up Cargo configs, dependencies, Meson, and other gtk-rs stuff

also re-implementing keyboard shortcuts for actions, which I really should have done way sooner but...better late than never, I suppose

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two missing features for now:

1) Toasts
2) The "jump" when you roll while results already exist

although I *might* just remove the latter anyway. it does make the app feel slower to use, even if it's a neat effect

also I will say, Vala is a lot simpler to work with, where Rust is a lot more verbose. but this has been an interesting learning experience

but also GtkBuilder is cool because I barely had to touch the UI stuff whatsoever when doing the port

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spent most of the afternoon-evening porting Roll-It from Vala to Rust

also set up build stuff a bit differently (better?) so the dev branch is properly suffixed with .Devel. which also means the main branch and Rust branch can be installed side-by-side at the moment

so anyway, Rust version next to main Vala branch

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We're excited to announce the release of GNOME 43!

Thanks to the hard work of our community of contributors, #GNOME43 brings a redesigned system settings menu, a new Device Security page, improvements to many core apps, and more!

See all the updates in our release notes:

#GNOME #releaseday #opensource #FOSS

also a side-by-side with Random, an app with similar purpose by a different dev (and available on Flathub @

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and a transition for re-rolling (hard to see at this clip's framerate, but the label "jumps" when you click Roll with a result already there)

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and, finally with a transition between the main label's "empty" and "result" states

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in motion and light style because most of my other tests/demos have been dark mode

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doing some experimenting with the main label also acting as the roll button

(current vs experiment)

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