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Hello Mastodon,

I discovered this cool platform by accident. Ironically, through twitter.

NYC grad student:


I’m addicted to . Teach me.


Marilyn Jean

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Trust, I love all animals but I’ve noticed that mastodon has a bias for cats. Where are all my lovers?

America plays ‘international bully’ real well but this will not end in our favor.

Iran requesting assistance from Interpol isn’t a desperate ploy. Interpol doesn’t engage on this level. Theatrics are simply a heads up by Iran - a warning - there’s a hit list

I’m nervous...

Leave Iran alone

Both the stock market and one of my cats are simultaneously vomiting right now.

mediumweight politics 

Anyone else notice toltarian action being taken on toltarian action?

And both ends think they are heros because of it.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s Wikipedia page is the greatest work of fiction ever written. Truly, it outshines the second greatest work of fiction- all 26 volumes of the Warren Commission 🙄

Lee Oswald
USMC Yearbook 1956
Aged 17

Assassinated: 11.24.1963
Aged 24

CIA’s motto:

“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” - John 8:32


Right-leaning NYPost claims that “Wall-Street backed, leftist big-tech” is robbing America of Freedom of Speech. Ironically, the very liberal ACLU advocates constitutional freedom for *all* - right-wing, left-wing..
IMO- there is nothing “liberal” about big tech. Our future is a tech totalitarian state: civilian espionage in full force under the guise of democratic law and order

FoS is a right but only if we like what we hear? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works

Hope you had a beautiful and loving weekend boo !! 💋💙 Xoxox

The Simoom by German painter Ludwig Hans Fischer in 1878. It is absolutely atmospheric, you can feel the wind and the dust in your eyes. Wonderful.

Um...Random toot but .... there’s a ‘Kanye West is cheating with Jeffree Star’ rumor??? 😳

When? I’m living under a presidential rock ! 👀

No worries President Frump....After my 1st lifetime Twitter ban I broke in twice until finally retiring on my 3rd life ban. You got this ! (I hope) 👍🏼

Yo!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m ROTF!!! ... wheezing !!!! 😭

Clown University: in session

Paramedics: on speed dial



Aaron Mostofsky - professional BOZO and Brooklyn native who dressed up in his best NYS I-87 ‘Raggedy Ass Road Kill’ suit to ‘storm’ the Capitol in support of Trump was thrown out of his house today by his father ... Judge SHLOMO

SHLOMO I sure hope BOZO didn’t leave his prescription lithium at home this time

Wack ass mofo ... bringing Brooklyn into this low IQ mess ...let me find his clown ass 👿

Parler is broken already?

ROTF!!! 🤣🤣🤣

Hold on right back ...

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