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Trust, I love all animals but I’ve noticed that mastodon has a bias for cats. Where are all my lovers?

right wing
Trump loving
gay affirming
pizza gate troll
Milo Snuffleupagus
or whatever
is a Roman Catholic heterosexual “now”


societal hijinks - take 3
What a headache this kid

President ‘boo hoo’ Chump still texting folks?! 😭☠️ Cult leaders, Republican psychopaths ...keep my number forever bro

‘President 7’ is code for because no one does blow with $100 bills, ok? This ain’t disco 🤧

I work across the street from the Federal Reserve Bank perpetually surrounded by ghosts, suicides, trauma

20 yrs have failed to heal

Military protects the Fed now + Wall Street is closed to traffic. Idols so precious it makes me sick. So I’m ok with working myself to death given the nauseous situation. But your ‘Bitcoin vs Bullion’ Revolution? A complete lie

I say this with sorrow and respect

You’re one of them

You’re a liar and a fraud

Anybody in Berlin-Wedding likes to meet up for ping pong playing outside during early afternoon, eventually regularly, any day?

Need to get out of the monitor zone. And i love ping pong for taking the winter out of the body and train the mind real quick as well.
Happy about your or to pass this on. Ich spreche auch Deutsch o un poco de Español. Straight minds welcome. Ich mag Wind auf der Platte. Uneben geht auch.

So I’m looking for art work in a junk drawer and papers fall out of an old folder....

It’s a print out...directions to grave in Greenwood cemetery. This is from 2014

I freaked out for a second but ... I got his message

Catholic school memory:

During the Sacrament of Confirmation you pick a new name from a Catholic Saint of your choosing. He/she is supposed to guide you once you’re bestowed with the Holy Spirit

Catholic saint? Not for me

I chose Jean-Michel Basquiat as my secret Saint, hence Marilyn Jean

Then I lied and wrote a dumb essay on St. Jean Baptiste to get my name approved

Naughty till I die...FOH with your made up dogma 🙄

Christopher old school C-SPAN interviews? ✅

10 hr playlist ready to roll? ✅

Beautiful Saturday 👌🏼

1980’s babies - do you remember The Ayatollah? He was on tv every night

But.... I thought his name was Lee Coca-Cola !!!!! Yikes 😖

my bad ! ... was 6 yrs old and misheard disrespect, Supreme Leader sir ! 😨

Today I saw a SLC 300 Roadster drive by. Black. Drop dead gorgeous

Now I’m window shopping...Silver is fire 🔥 yet ...horrible in snow


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