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results wow- guess Viceroyalty of Peru was chill before brother.Juan Carlos killed brother Inca Uchu 🙄

Frankfurt - 16th -17th - 18th centuries? I opened. bank account when I tuned 6 to deposit $900 in birthday cash. My parents called me Marilyn Rothschild as a joke

Joke??? Joke my ass!! It’s genetic and I’m tracking down my stolen trust funds - FOH!! 😤

And Cuba doesn’t even show up!!! Report cites 1 Yoruba slave shipped to ‘Caribbean’ around 1705


Yo! …I’m chilling…minding my own business.. enjoying legendary Puerto Rican salsa… and this goddess appears!!

fire 🔥
babygirl !!! 🥰

And if y’all not dancing by 2:22 - you a house plant boo !

V launch

Correction; Germany had rocket prototype by
1944 so please thank her scientists for our “God given” knowledge & technical abilities.

German at its finest

Give credit where credit is due

Mission aborted
Energy heavy
Spirit kept closing book

I’m so foolish 😔

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Tonight’s study:

I See Satan Fall Like Lightening

- Rene

Has anyone studied this ? I’m stuck @ xii Forward

I’m also scared AF

This is heavy

Mercury retrograde ends October 18

Just a warning dear friends-

Level 10 - Clown University - Wack Ass Buffoonery intensifies next week


Found this beautiful gem in closet - light reading before bed? Yes

The quote though! Delicious icing on CIA cake, no? 😆

just kidding
I love you 🥰

Remember this weird moon pic? I was the *only one* to see blood red and it was an ominous sign for me

Fast fwd: September 27, 2021 @ 4:44 pm EST

YT on Roku randomly shows Spain in flames .. wha?? 💔

But do you see ?

I don’t check YT for news / tv

Those who believe


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Did you hear?

in midst of Roman schism

Truly, the drama unfolding within The Holy See is epic

Remember our beloved Pope Benedict XVI? He quit his ‘Pope job’ like some salty cashier at Burger King…?

***Hold that thought***

I’ll fill you in ASAP

Juggling Isis, CIA, Vatican news is like KABOOM 💥 You know… Haven’t slept

informants killed - NY TIMES
Article shitty on so many levels


- poor trade craft

- poor counterintelligence

- poor attention to detail /potential risks

For death of agents

In other words, CIA blames itself for not doing its job

Agents flip b/c bureaucratic BS put their lives at risk- much like this dumb ass Clown University article

I hope this is stealth “reverse psych” darkest of dark - MF witchcraft boo

John 8:32
CIA on Cuban altar ❤️

Video is 3 years old. No updates

The enigmatic death of the Isdal woman
- Buzzfeed Unsolved

Ted Cruz pulls no punches in the Senate pointing out the evil of those on the left.

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