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imagine having a family member brutally murdered, you have 10 years of therapy to cope and then one day you go onto youtube and see in your recommended is your deceased loved one in a thumbnail next to a true crime youtuber doing a pog face surrounded by 600 KFC bargain buckets

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Wait what the fuck lmao

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The real losers of the splatfest are the people that turned off their switches halfway through the news and got no sea snails

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oh wow my arms are so heavy with all these sea snails what ever will I do?

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L'anime NieR: Automata dévoile un premier teaser à couper le souffle !

C'est prévu en janvier prochain.

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I have played so much Splatoon this weekend. I really enjoyed the Splatfest, Tricolor matches were pretty unique. Only bad thing is the matchmaking, like, fucking seriously. But overall, I had a blast ! Go team Grub, I hope we can at least have the seconde place. GG everyone.

This could be a Pendulum track and I would believe you

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After spending most of my weekend in the Splatfest, I can’t stop listening to this banger. This goes so hard youtube.com/watch?v=j_MMsXRI5G

Imagine being this stupid. It has to be bait right… RIGHT ?

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bitcoiners: it's not possible to waste water because of the water cycle

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Splatoon 3 - Music - Splatfest battle 2 by Deep Cut youtu.be/j_MMsXRI5GU this one slaps so fucking hard its a banger

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"I would buy this unless this costs money" is probably his best quote ever lmao

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I can’t play Clam Blitz on Splatoon. I just can’t. It’s such a bad mode D:

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