holy shit how do you draw legs ima die

Every time you close your tab, just to immediately open a new tab of the exact same site - you age 4 years.

can someone tell me what 'seize the means of production' means cause I'm about to walk out with this hydraulic press

wallstreet millionaires getting fucked in january is how i know the rest of 2021 is gonna be great

Livestreaming yourself committing a crime and getting arrested has got to be top 10 stupidest ways to get locked up

I'm closing in on perfecting the craft of being able to blank out for days at a time.

Nights like this, I begin to understand why creative people do drugs.

Ended up grabbing the OLKB Preonic w/ astrolokeys. Hoping I made @gregandcin proud

Think big tech is getting broken up any time soon?

Remembering my daily Korean vocab is a pain, I feel like that dude in Momento

Asking leading professors if it's possible to be pro free-speech without being a massive asshole

mindlessly scrolling masto while procrastinating > actually working

spite-reading 1984 to confirm no one that talks about it knows what they're saying

Living through so many historic events is getting kinda tiring ijs

Why is shopping for keyboards so complicated??

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