@stux question, are some instances hidden from the federated timeline? can my instance block another from appearing?

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Pepole should still take the pandemic seriously

idk what it is, but I just love watching the federated timeline scroll in real-time

Ate them on stream. Some really good, some god-awful. Maybe some time I'll condense the section into a YT video

There was one I'm 100% sure was just a strip of actual wood.

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G4 coming back is either going to be amazing, or god awful

Pretty good overall. great intro, middle kinda wavered in spots, fantastic end.

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New Logic album, gonna give that a listen

Gonna try some japanese candies on stream tomorrow

The concept of the fediverse still kinda blows my mind tbh

Mixer finally shuts down tomorrow. I can't believe I really spent a full year streaming there.


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