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The hopeful calm of the Japanese Garden, Tenshin-en, The Garden of the Heart of Heaven at the MFA Boston

As part of the kickoff for #Lightyear, @ChrisEvans visited JPL and interviewed @AstroMarshburn, who consulted on the film, and two members of the @Space_Station crew. Chris learned what it’s like to work and live in Earth orbit.

What is the most important Mastodon feature?

Other = comment
All = ⭐
All plus federation = :boost:

#Mastodon #Fediverse

Sometimes ya just gotta go back to the basics. Swatching out my new Himi #gouache set in the front of a new #sketchbook. Maybe tomorrow I'll create something. Damn, these colors are BRIGHT :mastoart:

That lovely feeling people watching at the beach. (Sorry no photos yet, I can hardly see what I’m typing, I don’t want to post faces, especially kids’, by accident).

i interviewed the lead of batwoman, javicia leslie, and i am SO FUCKING NERVOUS about releasing it even though i had the best time doing it and the team im on is the ABSOLUTE BEST this is all to say im asking for a couple of things:

if you can set the notify me!, then watch/play it in the background june 29th!
if you see people being mean can you please report them as you see them, we're all not-white queer and already exhausted by other work we're doing

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So mentally and physically exhausted.

In other news, what’s your favorite journal and why?

🏙️ Gute Nacht / 🌠
Artist: in - City: Spain 🇪🇸 (2020) - Title: "Pull an all-nighter" 🤔 - 🌟

☂️Artist: in - City: (18e) France 🇫🇷 - Title: "L' abris, sous l'ombre du platane" -

⚜️Artist: in - City: Belgium 🇧🇪 - Title: "Trois fleur de lis et la campagne" -

Heureka, Leute!
Habe heute einen Ausschalteknopf für #Möwen erfunden und für euch zum Nachbauen skizziert. #HamburgerMöwenfernbedienung
#sketchbook #skizzenbuch

mood today is mostly Rage already, so listening to “Killing in the Name Of,” performed by Brass Against. Truly, this cover is great

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