Just realized I could have used the built in character map all this time

Evil people will attempt connection on social media, rarely through calling. And it being in the open hasn't helped the companies stopping it. Targeted action by police stops it. Vote no on surveillance:


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Important. Please read.

Via @eff
Once again, Ethos Capital is trying to profit from nonprofits' .ORG domain names. @ICANN should review the deal carefully.

I wanted to learn some more about Gemini and there is zero(0) paper on the subject. Like it's an internet protocol not a single paper? :/

Keybr seems to always match me with someone 20wpm higher than me. :welp:


@mike I was reading mikestone.me/exa-vs-ls/
And was like Bangladesh only had 7 computer before 2000!

__Long__ __Linux__

Please stop saying it's perfect, it's going to solve everything. Everything and everyone has flaws. That's okay.

But not accepting and pushing for better is not.

We are not in the 1980's. When I use a system I fully expect it to have proper sound, graphics and the normal stuff by default.

If a competitor(windows) does not have it and another competitor(Mac, Android, iOS) does have this then compete with the better.

Windows, Mac supports better audio and rendering th...

I was watching a documentary on the Egypt revolution and now I am somehow watching Egyptian revolution songs or something... 😅 

: Hekayetna (Our Story) - Song by Ultras Ahlawy [English Subtitles] - YouTube

I was like did this UX designer really put white text on white image?

Then I remembered... Dark Reader!

Bitcoin was in the Unicode specification since 2017! ---> (₿)

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Language 6000
"বাহ, এইটা তো অসাধারণ!"

Happy International Language day! May all language be celebrated.
শুভ আন্তর্জাতিক মাতৃভাষা দিবস!

A film I liked in a long time. Based on Irish folklore the art feels generous, the story feels familiar yet different. Definitely should give it a try

Song of the Sea

Google's claim that AMP is necessary to make mobile pages load faster is just a marketing pitch. Or as Devin Coldewey puts it: "It’s like someone who sells bottled water telling you your tap runs too slow."

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