Everything Everywhere All At Once really is an incredibly good movie!

I'm personally still surprised more governments and political parties across the world haven't jumped ship to federated social media yet.

The risk of a tech giant just completely censuring you, or suddenly blocking you and cutting you off from your audience should honestly be enough!

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My current programming languages of interest are C# (my current job), Rust (I'm really enjoying some concepts in it, and the more modern feel of it), and (modern) C++.

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As for who I am, I'm a software developer that likes working on fun game stuff in my spare time. Currently spending most of my time working on Pokémon Epsilon (p-epsilon.com), a Pokémon game made by fans, implemented in Unity.

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Still a lot of stuff to investigate and do for it, as especially registering the entire application interface is going to take a while to do correctly, but it's looking very cool so far!

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Been playing around with WebAssembly a bit to see if I can integrate it in a nice way into Epsilon. End goal here might be a completely language agnostic scripting language for battle effects!

Decided to delete my twitter account after recent events, I'll post my short brainfarts and cool new Epsilon stuff here from now on!


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