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From time to time we pitch records we like, usually jazz and folk with genre tags and a link to the record at Apple Music which has decent sound and lossless CD sound for subscribers. I hashtag with the genre and the tag for tracks and for the whole schemer and always for a profile posts search.

Missy is completing her first week of CBD/CBDA treatment for old age arthritis relief. She appears to be showing some improvement in mobility. Still one week to go at initial dose then maintenance. Her product is carefully extracted, refined, and standardized for medicinal use.

opened dining rooms and loo for us. Rocky ate a full ration. I’ve had a snack wit balance to come. Whine-Waiting for food-thieving bully Rocky to go out to the loo for my seconds.

I second Rocky observation about our dismal weather. Overcast, rain to come. No thunder so far. About 15mm down.

Dave is off to the “snake doctor” for another bladder surveillance following bladder cancer polyp removal in 2020 and 2021 followed by immunotherapy in 2021 and 2022. Tuesdays look was unremarkable. No visible evidence of new lesions and old work appeared nicely healed. Happy pink tissue. Another FISH sample taken.

FISH is a genetic test looking for bladder cells having chromosome damage at sites associated with bladder cancer. Fluorescent die tags damaged cells. Counted.

Aoife O’Donnovan brought along Brittany Hass on fiddle and Paul Kowart on bass to play in a folk trio format. The program was a mix of music from her new record, Age of Apathy, her earlier songs, and a number of covers. The trio played an animated concert in top form.

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Rocky and Missy say ahoy! Dave has a VA Arts Festival outdoor event this evening. Chance of thunderstorms ⛈ and low community risk of Covid-19 in Norfolk. Aoife O’Donnovan is bringing her band. Well, a band. Her tour band is different lineup than her Age of Apathy record band.

Ahoy is hot, hazy, and humid. No thunderstorms here, maybe Sunday for concert. 40 percent chance.

I’m on day two of CBD/CBDA tonic. It takes a couple of weeks to kick in. Nurse Ratchid squirts .3 ml between cheek and eye teeth. No loss to derp. I lick it up. Pronounced oregano smell.

Is there an informal protocol for and ? Mastodon design requires us to beat the bushes for people to follow and to boost other's posts to our followers for others gain an audience.

I've been rather liberal with follows and boosts as a result so those I follow can build an audience. Is there a better way?

Dismal Manor Gang is retired moocher Dave and his former racing greyhounds Missy and Rocky. We live in the Dismal Dominion (Virginia low country). Dave (the Dismal Wizard) takes pictures, listens to and music, and is making a futile attempt to train his dogs and grow a garden.

We amuse ourselves playing the game over on and we are trying to get going and looking for a weekend coffee hour like over yonder.

HP to release laptop running Pop!_OS. Could System76 be an acquisition target?

(Here’s hoping this doesn’t go down the webOS route.)

Via @tuxmachines

#system76 #hp #bigTech #linux #capitalism

I bought a vacuum cleaner. Looks just like your ordinary vacuum cleaner, but it can be controlled via buttons in the handle. How? There's no cabling inside the hose. Instead it's a 2.4 GHz radio connection.

My vacuum cleaner supports AES encryption!

@aral I am *very* tempted to try out SilverBlue. I think I'll try it in a VM and test out installing the @pop_os_official extensions before committing. It seems like a smaller stepping stone than going right to NixOS.

@aral On my Mac it is: Shift + Cmd + 4 + two goodwill wishes to Tim Cook + wiggle, all while my knees shake as I hope I have not angered the Apple overlord.

My Linux box is KDE, and, like with Gnome, I just ask politely while I set my own keyboard shortcut.

It’s been a while since I used Gnome, but your screenshot makes it look cool 😎!

@aral I use both and to be frank I find faster ⌘⇧3, 4, 5. Though, copy to clipboard is very convenient, I don't think macOS has this feature

Missy: I’ve started taking CBD oil for relief from my old lady aches and pains. In a Cornell double blind study elderly dogs experienced improved mobility, activity, and participation when supplemented with CBD/CBDA oil at a specific dose rate. Should see results in early June.

. Missy: I woke for a 0230 emergency garden check. Rocky sounded reveille at the start of for brekkie and loo. I also ate and took my CBD oil.

Friday about 30 minutes before sunrise hand rendered using Skylum Luminar Neo.

Air on is rated at 7kw or 24000 btu/hr. Temperature setbacks happen automatically at morning and evening peak rates. Humidity stays comfortable with cooling setpoint picked based on relative humidity.

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