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"From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere."
-- Dr. Seuss

I’m seriously demoralized and unmotivated to do anything anymore. The world is not meeting my needs and I don’t have the strength to attain my share of it.

I was having a discussion with my family earlier today and I after i had mentioned something about the subject, my sister started to correct me and she said it was "because I had listened to some podcasts and—" at which I loudly cackled. She did not appreciate this derision, but I did find it very funny that someone would say that with a straight face.

Maybe I'm just a jerk. I don't know anymore.

Before anyone gets mad at me for using ableist language, I will point out that it is not actually a problem.

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I will never stop saying "dumb" or "dummy", because there's way too many dumb ass dummies out there, and they deserve the term.

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Can you imagine placing any importance on using softer language over *literally anything else* these days? It's beyond belief.

"I don't know how you kids today do it, but when I was your age, we knew how to do it and we told people how we did it." —Grandpa Montell

This is very funny, but it's also a reminder that if your political rhetoric is indistinguishable from kinky porn dialogue, you have officially gone Too Far and definitely need to Log Off.


Feeling like shit and want to die.

How are you?


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