All I really want to do is play in my sandbox and not be bothered by anybody and be happy. Is that too much to ask?

I used to get in arguments with other web devs that maybe we *don't* need to add a million hacks and workarounds in order to cater to a handful of IE users. Screw 'em for using a crappy browser and not knowing better. Glad to see this old nag finally put down.

is trending on Twitter rn.

Just keep you updated.

This news really breaks my heart. I love SF’s Japantown and was hoping to come back there for a day of shopping and dining once the lockdown is lifted. I hope this cultural area survives the pandemic.

It includes the rare photo of Thomas and Guy-Manuel that was removed in later printings.

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My promotional copy of Daft Punk’s “Homework.” I loved “Da Funk” so much I had to get the earliest available copy. I don’t know if it’s considered rare, but it’s valuable to me.

I did get to meet them at a radio appearance in 1997. That was neat. :)

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Daft Punk are done.

I was hoping they would at least put out some more music or do one last tour before calling it quits.

One more thing to break my heart these days. :(

Conservatives only just this year getting upset about "Big Tech" and the result of monopolies on our communication systems and the loss of net neutrality is laughable. Maybe you should speak less and listen more.

My local newspaper had trouble digging up any stories about how Tom Brady grew up in Northern California and went to high school here. He and his family have somehow purged most of that information from the record.

RIP to my soul brother Dustin Diamond, "Screech" from Saved By The Bell.

He wasn't the nicest guy, and he had a pretty rough life after leaving the shows. But he was a the closest person like myself to be depicted on TV, and for that, I'll never forget him.

Huh, I reported an anti-semetic post from a libertarian instance and the guy's account was *actually* suspended. I shouldn't be shocked but, well, my expectations for social media are not high.

My city's school board voted to rename 44 local schools just feels like an extra kick in the ass for anyone who grew up here. All our favorite places in this town have shut down or gone out of business, our music, art, and cultural scenes have died off, and now these busybodies want to rename all the schools we went to? Fuck offffffffffffff

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these scum have a couple centuries lead on you, guys. it's a nice story to think a bunch of nerds defeated Wall Street by day trading with their computers, but that's a false narrative. the scum were ready to profit from it, and they did. all you did was help them discover which assets were distressed.

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If you don’t like what I have to say, that’s fine. You can mute my posts or my profile.

If you don’t like me so much that you *actively run a character assassination campaign* to get me banned from spaces I frequent, you have very much made me your enemy, and I will not take it quietly.

You know what's an awful feeling? When you suddenly remember that someone you liked died. Like, "oh hey, here's some news on 'Black Panther II'", and then you realize… oh. :(

Only 3 days and the Big Orange Baby can go fuck off forever. 😌

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I guess welcome to the fediverse to the people fleeing twitter and whatever, but maybe this isn't the best instance for you to pedal your conspiracy oriented, crypto-fascist, right-wing bullshit.

However, don't despair! There are other cretins like yourself who have adopted Mastodon and spun up instances. I would encourage you to "do your own research" to find them out, and migrate to one of them.

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