Yes, it’s really true. Rump’s allies are clueless. Trump's Allies Have No Clue How to Respond to Report of Nuclear Docs at Mar-a-Lago - Rolling Stone

@TonyStark Kidding aside, that's what really concerning. Such documents in an insecure location for months, ripe for the taking... And they probably wanted to make money from it too.

If 6-8 years ago, Hollywood writers had come out with a script for a movie with these events, they would have been fired for blatant implausibility... And yet here we are. It's insane.

The detachment from reality is both hilarious and terrifying. Trump, Supporters Say the FBI Planted Nuclear Secrets and Also That He Can Declassify Things With His Mind - Slate

Sell them is what I think. Although someone else suggested that he wanted to show them off. I could see that, too.

Either way, there's nothing good about it because he's so reckless.

How the FBI should deal with all the “super geniuses” who follow rump’s every word.

Do Secret Service agents also make sure a former president doesn't flee the country? Just randomly asking, no specific reason.

I used to hate MAGAts. I don’t hate them anymore. I still am completely opposed to them and their philosophy, but now I feel sorry for them. They only know how to follow, and that’s sad.

Just like the lunatic in Ohio today. Analysts Warn Violent Rhetoric After FBI Mar-a-Lago Search Is a Preview of What's to Come - TIME

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