Instead of being taught kindness and compassion as children, we’re taught to be fearful and mistrustful of others. Anyone you meet can be a threat. This mindset results in school shootings, grocery store shootings, church/synagogue/mosque shootings, movie shootings, party shootings, gang shootings, family shootings, workplace shootings, road rage shootings, targeted ethnic shootings.

We need to learn how to be kind and compassionate with one another, something we should be taught from childhood

I gave up on my new laundry basket... that's officially her's. P.S all the baskets in my house are claimed by her 🥴😂😂😂😂😂😂 #cats #kittens #cat

“Their bed time is at 8, call me if anything happens”

The last thing we need is politicians telling what they want to do, but won’t. It’s time for the people to tell the politicians what needs to be done

I never had to go through a school shooting drill when I was in school. What is wrong with us??😞😔

We constantly choose to mourn the innocent victims rather than protect the innocent public. Repeat the same tired old mantras without working on solutions.

The worst thing we can do in the face of another masa shooting is to become numb to these events. 15 people are dead for no reason. We can’t lose our humanity to these tragedies, or we’re totally lost.

15 people dead at an elementary school shooting in Texas. What is wrong with people?

In my mind, I’m replaying the old George Carlin routine about “feeling unwell” vs “I’m sick!”

A rainy day definitely will keep me at home since I feel like I’m sleep walking through this day

Waking up again, possibly for good this time. Where is the truck that ran over me?? 🚚🚛

Proofreading my toots is a casualty of not feeling well

Really feel like crap this morning. I’m glad we got everything important done yesterday regarding our move because I suspect I’ll be in bed, or at least in the apartment, all day long.

We got a lot done today. I’m exhausted and really feeling the strain tonight. I hope I sleep well later.

Looks like we’re going to the new apartment community today to do all the necessary paperwork.

It’s about time for another hot shower to help release the tension and ease the remaining pain in my neck and shoulders

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