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Graham Cluley is a computer security expert who writes an infosec blog and hosts the Smashing Security podcast. You can follow him at:


The blog is at

The podcast is at

Carnet is a free open source alternative to Google Keep. It lets you take notes and sync them with a NextCloud account. You can follow Carnet here:


It's available for Android (through FDroid and Google Play) and NextCloud. The website is at

Developers can help out at

Translators can help out at

Hi folks! 9 years ago (to the day), the late Aaron Swartz made the first commit to SecureDrop, which was then called DeadDrop. Today the project is used by >70 media orgs around the world.

It's an open source whistleblower submission platform that uses the Tor network to protect source anonymity. We're also working on a next-generation integrated workstation for journalists based on Qubes OS:

We're happy to be here! #introductions

Wallabag is a free open source alternative to Pocket and other article-saving services. You can follow them here:


Their website is at

There are apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Firefox, Chrome, Kindle, Kobo and others. It is also compatible with RSS readers.

You can self-host your own instance for free, or use the paid-for flagship instance at

@FediFollows Would you consider a shoutout to @uxboxtool , a new open source UI/UX prototyping tool in development?

UXBox folks, welcome to Mastodon :-). I recommend posting a quick #introductions post as well.

GoatsLive maintains a charming live feed, you can follow them here:


Their website is

Their own description says it best:

"Spreading some love and happiness in an often difficult world, we give you goats Rose and Violet, as they go about their lazy day! Always live from our Linux powered farm!"

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ 🐐 🐐

Matomo is a free open source alternative to Google Analytics. You can follow them at:


You can host it yourself for free, or buy hosted services.

Their website is

There's a free open source app for @pixelfed under development called PixelDroid. You can follow it here:


Developers can help the project at:

Translators can help at:

(In case you're unfamiliar with it, PixelFed is the Fediverse's alternative to Instagram, you can find out more at

/ recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @jett1oeil - Relaxing landscape photos

🌟 @Minetest - FLOSS alternative to Minecraft

🌟 @codeberg - Non-profit git hosting for free open source projects

🌟 @manyver_se - Serverless social network (in beta)

🌟 @disseminOA - Helping researchers get papers out of paywalls and onto free open repositories

🌟 @Blender - Official account for the libre 3D graphics suite

🌟 @blender - Official PeerTube instance for Blender (now fixed!)

The Blender #peertube instance has been updated to the latest version which now means it federates again, yeah!!



THIS IS THE SMALLEST THING WE CAN DO to show them that they should support alternatives!

There's been a much more activity in the comments, and follows. YOU'RE AWESOME!

Promote it, boost the videos so others know it exists, and let them know on official channels (, etc.) that it's a great idea.


Blender, the most popular free open source 3D graphics and animation suite, has an official account on Mastodon:


There's also an official PeerTube account (which you can follow from Mastodon):


You can download the Blender suite itself at

A friendly reminder that the @peertube campaign is still running until complete.

If you want:
- better overall UX and global search
- better moderation tools
- plug-ins, playlists
- live streaming

please consider donating to the campaign. Each contribution matters, even the smallest ones.

Thanks for helping making the internet a better place!

Manyverse is a free open source peer-to-peer "off the grid" social network currently in beta testing, and part of the Scuttlebutt SSB network.

You can follow the official account here:


The Manyverse app is available for Android and iOS, from @fdroidorg , Google Play and the App Store.

The official website is is a non-profit privacy-friendly collaboration and git hosting service for free open source projects:


Website is at

Updates of the green instance list are stuck and at the moment a daily update is not available!

HELP needed!
Here is the issue:

The project is on GitLab now!

Minetest is a free open source alternative to Minecraft. The official account is:


You can also follow a Minetest world building project called Illuna:


There's also an unofficial Minetest video channel:


The actual Minetest app is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and BSD from the official site at

Feeling stressed? Chill out with some wonderful landscape photos:


The account is on @pixelfed , the Fediverse's alternative to Instagram.

Want to change instances?

βœ… How to move your followers from one Mastodon server to another:

1️⃣ Create a NEW account on the server you want to move to. Click on the "Edit Profile" link, scroll to the bottom and click on the link under "Moving from a different account". Follow the instructions.

2️⃣ Go back to the OLD account, go to its "Edit Profile", scroll to the bottom and click on the link in the section marked "Move to a different account". Follow the instructions.

#Mastodon #MastoTips

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