How do you know $DOGE is a joke but not $Bitcoin ? "Because the creator of Bitcoin is unknown and therefore not in jail, whereas the creators of Dogecoin are known and not in jail ..."

Wut ?

All I can hear is Madoff trying to explain that other ponzi scams are less elaborate.
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10/ The creator of Bitcoin is unknown. If they were known, they would be in prison because BTC threatens the fiat system as well as dollar prima…

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Our scientists have a theory that if you heat up a planet slowly enough, its inhabitants will boil to death before they realise what’s happening.

Warning #1234324 : Cryptos are NOT a safe place to store your savings.
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Wondering how many additional individuals got their funds trapped on Binance(.)US?

So far users have been unable to access their funds for a considerable amounto f time - posts like this on their subreddit are very common.

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Bitcoin is green, hypothetically! In real life, here's a gas-powered plant that restarted just to mine bitcoins. This is why NY is suggesting banning bitcoin mining.

When I die, I want to be buried far away from everything, dressed in a beast skin: I refuse that the archaeologists of the future believe that I was hanging out with you guys.

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Demand for critical minerals is set to soar as the world pursues net zero goals, our new @IEA report shows.

The energy sector’s needs for minerals could rise by as much as 6 times by 2040. Insufficient supplies would risk delays & extra costs.

More ➡️

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New study finds: Ppl like living better than working

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Please allow me to re-share my rough sketch of some advanced carbon capture technology

Bitcoin mining starts to hit its physical limits here. Few understand this.
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Inner Mongolia marked only the beginning of government action against Bitcoin mining for environmental reasons; many more will follow as miners attempt to take advantage of obsolete fossil fuels.

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Let's talk about surrogate money scams and how they are used to cover up the liquidity crisis at heart of the global crypto fraud. (1/) 🧵

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Imagine you’re worth $119.4 billion on a burning planet and this is the limit of your ambition

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please forgive me, I was forced to read papers around "AI for Africa" today

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Net carbon savings from electric vehicle deployment: 40 Mt. CO2-eq annually.

Bitcoin mining carbon footprint: 52 Mt. CO2-eq per year.

A decade of progress down the drain.

Libertarians often quote Darwin to justify selfishness. But evolution is about the survival of groups more than individuals. Humans have dominated the world because they cooperate. A species that destroys its own environment in stupid competition will lose this game.

Confiscating 99% of a billionaire's fortune does not affect his effective freedom. What can be done with 1 billion can be done with 10 millions. It only affects his power: his ability to influence society, our lives, our effective freedom.

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In honor of International Workers Day, I propose that we shorten the work week to 4 days and the work day to 6 hours.

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There are 7.8 billion humans, and only:

21,000,000 Bitcoin
10,000 CryptoPunks
1 currently habitable planet

You do the math.

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✔️ Reduce CO2 emmisions by 52,000,000 tonnes per year
✔️ Prevent attacks
✔️ Fight air pollution
✔️ Reduce hazardous e-waste
✔️ Reduce


There is no "sound" money. Money is a social construction / shared myth. Bitcoin only has value if enough people think it does. Like fiat or gold.

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