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Random fun fact: a single Bitcoin transaction has the same carbon footprint as a little over 40 million Tweets. twitter.com/bitcoinmagazine/st

After a 50% drop following China's ban, Bitcoin's footprint is increasing rapidly and steadily : miners are settling again.

It raised by 45% in one month, from 33 to 48 million tons of CO2 / year, almost reaching the footprint of Sweden (50 Mt / year).


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Any Bitcoin price prediction should be accompanied by proper disclosure on what that price level will mean in terms of environmental damage. “If Bitcoin hits $500,000, mining it will spew more CO2 than Mexico or Brazil.” fortune.com/2021/08/16/bitcoin

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Daily reminder that bitcoin maxis are the worst human beings on the planet twitter.com/maxkeiser/status/1

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Sounds like a ~100MW farm - on the Texas grid that means emissions equal 50 metric tonnes of CO2-eq per hour. That easily exceeds emissions of a flying Boeing 747 (except these Bitcoin mines never stop). twitter.com/BitcoinMagazine/st

With the recent events in Afghanistan, just a friendly reminder. 's role in funding terrorism has been a topic for years. Bitcoin is basically a vehicle for crowd-funding the Djihad.


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Crypto was supposed to revolutionise supply chain management and voting and property ownership and medicine and cross border settlements.
12 years later we got penguin jpegs.
Let’s call it even?

"Revenue 3x Higher Than Selling to the Grid "

Even "green" is toxic. Burning energy for "mining" chocolate coins is so profitable, it destroys renewable energy at the source and prevents it from being distributed to the society.


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NFT fever might simply be a way for the rich to money laundering. Or so speculates crypto investor Mr. Whale. Here's why. buff.ly/3sh8w0u

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BREAKING: Thousands of users now reporting they cannot access their funds, or withdrawal.

This is why you don't have healthcare. Not immigrants. Not food stamps. This.

Are such transactions flagged as "retail" or "criminal" when running statistics on money laundering & criminal activities in crypto ?
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This NFT just sold for…

$130 million dollars.

Money laundering well done! 👏

emits 10x more CO2 than what the global @tesla fleet "saves" / year.

By investing in it, @elonmusk pumps its prices, with direct impact on its consumption & impact.

All @tesla's carbon credits should be cancelled & refunded.

cf : medium.com/crypto-lucid/bitcoi

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