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"We either learn to live a lie
Or we're waiting here to die"

It's nice that I was able to get some people on here to listen to some of my favourite bands but show me one person who actually became a nerd about it like I'm wont to do

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I've struggled with this since the very start, in high school I was listening to Enigma and Deep Forest, which, let me tell you, did not connect with fellow classmates

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I don't want to not like the stuff I like, but it's gotta be said my music taste does leave me feeling quite lonely, since a lot of the stuff doesn't connect with people

It's getting harder to distinguish Steven Wilson from Matthew Bellamy visually, musically, and thematically

You'd ask me what I would name a boating vessel, and I'd just go... Jeff?

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A friend asked me what I would name a cat if I got one, and my mind went blank. I can't really name things.

Unfortunately even with this camera the colors don't look quite like they do in real life.

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It's such a captivating album I've been looping it all day. For context, the track One Minute Warning from the album is the end credits song in Ghost in the Shell (1995)

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Last time I listened to Original Soundtracks 1 by Passengers was through ambigously sourced MP3s on a cheap MP3 player when I was still in high school

Let's play a game of do I have a weird taste in my mouth because I burned my tongue on something or am I experiencing loss of taste

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