It's getting harder to distinguish Steven Wilson from Matthew Bellamy visually, musically, and thematically

I'm the kind of person that goes to the gym starting this week

:clippy: It seems like you have posted a cringe. Would you like to lose subscriber?

I crave exercise. I want to sign up for a gym soon.

"Gender reveal party" is the dumbest shit I've ever heard

It's interesting to me that Yello is a Swiss band but knowing about it is a telltale of my eastern-european upbringing

Honestly when you scroll through your home feed trying to imagine how a stranger would see it you realize just how much junk there is in it.

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Can y'all stop boosting someone with the username "horsefucker" into my home feed for 5 MINUTES

I've been pretty deep in work for the past couple of days and it's making me feel really isolated

All I know is walk 5k a day, cook my own food and not know how to finish this joke

Can't get those notes right need to keep practicing

"Every step towards the goal is a step backwards in terms of my ability to urinate in public"

- A Ziltoidian Rapture

I am quite spectacularly miserable compared to my normal right now

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