Hey @dude47 @WendyDLN Did I miss something, is Micheal not on today? I've checked a few times..

New chair, out with my Emmie, and the decorative kale from recently, kale yesterday, ice cream the day before.

That hike was a couple hours, and a few miles. The person I went with couldn't cut the higher hills at the end and heading up the mountain. Waa still fun anyway and ACCOUNTABILITY CLUB!

This is the tire swing to the side, and then the shot of the dogwood at the edge of he garden area, and then a blackberry bush in the back corner on the other side of the new bushes etc...

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You know, for when your showing the leaves dont care for your mulching and the Japanese maple is glowing red.

Now here is a bit of update for the others, I'll keep some up to date as I continue to develop them as well, but as it's my own home, it's more of a constrained/ when I have money/ not burdening others, kind of thing.

I have been starting to develop the side portions of my yard. I need to work on the back in spring. Its north facing with a fence, so that will be an interesting challenge. I think some potatoes should be good there, and perhaps a couple other things.

I know what I will do to the front, so the back and left side are going to get some more development.

For my friends on here, I have seen both "Let there be Carnage" and "DUNE" I will say I liked both. Dune is only the first part. Though they did positive respect for the book, but Frank Herbert's son is one of the directors so I am pleased. He did well with HOUSE ATREIDES!

My one complaint is the mispronunciation of House HAR KO NIN, not what they said. And that LIET is a guy not a woman! Few other small flaws, but it is faithful I believe to the books. I am pleased.

Venom 2 was descent!

On top of that, I will get another cana in this bed in order to be able to tie the two together, just as a heads up.

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That second bed really flushing out. Figured my other friends would like to see what's been achieved.

Some of he side plants in that same garden area. Filling out nicely and establishing themselves.

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