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I'm an older cis/het-male. I like to think of myself as a political moderate but, by US standards, I'm a lefty. I'm married with children. I'm mestizo and speak English and Spanish. I like:

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Just a gentle reminder that the Wikimedia Foundation has soooooo muuuuuch stuff in it. ...just little hidden gems. I needed to remind myself that they have a cookbook!! With no ads, no annoyances and you can correct stuff if you want.

They even have a decent amount of vegan recipies:

#cooking #food #commons


Trying a new recipe for corn dumplings called chochoyotes. (If you speak Spanish, that might make you chuckle.) I love masa and I love dumplings so I'm really looking forward to this!

Just about time to do the first thinning of my basil. Then we can have a pesto!

Seems like there's a big influx of MAGA types over on global today. :-|

Selfie, running, wilderness. 

Went for a run in the mountains north of town. I hadn't been running out there for a while. Mostly because the trails are pretty technical and I had torn something in my calf and couldn't jump. Luckily, that's all healed up and I was ready to do some leaping and scrambling. It felt great!


There's breakfast made for my wife, now I can go for a run!

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*vaporwave. Thanks Google... That's almost as good as the first week I was here when you were sure I wanted to type masturbate instead of mastodon.

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My son just had to sit me down for "The Talk".

In this case, "The Talk" was explaining what vaporware is. I think I took it pretty well. It helps that the music is pretty great. 😁

Still playing around with Ruby in TIC-80. String processing and objects work just as you'd expect. Not really surprising but still exciting!

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I used to think Elon was just a dick, but he increasingly sounds like someone who's very scared and being told what to do and say.
Like most of the Republican Party.

I got some heirloom Blue Hubbard squash seeds from a Navajo farmer up in the northern part of the state. They're finally coming up! Looking forward to stew this fall!

I'm playing around with Ruby on TIC-80. So far, this is what I've learned.

You can set the script on an existing cart by changing the "script" line. Don't do this. Instead, create a brand new cart with "new ruby". that way the new cart will have the correct comment markers and the syntax highlighting will work.

Be sure to use the TIC80 API instead of the Ruby system functions. print() works great but puts() doesn't.

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