As part of the Indiepocalypse Pledge Drive this year, I'm attempting to put on one of your Video Game Showcases, but on that highlights the grimiest, messiest, unfunded, unmarketable, yet downright unmissable games the medium has to offer.

I've hastily (and tentatively) title it The Sicko Showcase and submissions are open to any game really.

Indiepocalypse #29 released today! Indiepocalypse is a monthly anthology/bundle of games I curate and release to support (and pay!) indie devs making games that don't fit into the traditional commercial model of games.

Since it seems like the baggage containing the Indiepocalypse store I have built out over the past 2.5 years is never returning, I am releasing a new game and running a sale to cover costs and find some semblance of control in my life.

I also run an indie game consignment shop for whenever I attend events. Basically for the cost of an initial run of postcards I print codes on, I'll sell your game at any events I am already going to and selling things.

I've decided to get back into game dev after ~2.5 years by taking a straight "ink to paper"/sketchbook approach to the Famicase ( gallery.

If nothing else comes of Indiepocalypse, I've at least freed myself in how I approach games.

Issue 28 of Indiepocalypse, the indie game anthology I run came out today. It features games from 10 developers, including 1 newly commissioned game.

Not only only is it a great way for you to find new indie devs but the devs also get paid up front and in royalties.

I'd love it if you checked it out!

I decided to make a Starter Guide to simplify getting people into what is now almost 2.5 years of Indiepocalypse. If you're not sure what Indiepocalypse is, it's a great place (one might say the ideal) place to start getting into this exciting new world of indie games!

Given that I've spent 2+ years championing and supporting alternative and often, as they say, underrepresented artists and game devs, how much of a (non-aggressive) Little Shit am I allowed to be in the face of rejections by groups that make 'indies' and 'diversity' their Thing?

Looking to crack the secret to get getting itch to do PR for all my releases like they do with Sokpop.

I'll even settle for just a couple times a year.

Wait, you can put multiple gifs in a single post? This is a revelation that overpowers any of the possible server-style clunkiness.

Hi, I'm Andrew. I created and run the monthly indie game anthology, Indiepocalypse.

Each month I curate games from 10 developers (1 being newly commissioned) and sell the issues to promote shorter, weirder, alternative games and to pay the devs.

I've been doing it for over 2 years!

Additionally, if any contributors want to pitch segments for this year's show, my line is open.

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Pinning this tab early so I might actually have a structured show this year.


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