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@startrek most of the way through seasons 5 and 6 and still no zero digit in any stardate I've heard, but impressed that Lt Riker can be stranded alone for eight years and have identical hair and beard to Cmdr Riker

Star Trek: The Next Generation episode which is Picard intoning "Captain's log, star date…" and then 45 minutes of Patrick Stewart reciting random digits

Watching the classic @startrek episode "Darmok" on my lunch break, where the Enterprise encounter a civilisation who communicate only in inpenetrable memes. Enterprise crew discuss how frustrating this is, then instruct a shuttle pilot to do "evasive manouever sequence delta"… an inpenetrable meme known only to Starfleet crew…

bad news from Australia: the sun's exploded. we have only hours to live :/

its ok when i steal tweets but if anyone steals my tweet they are going to hell

utterly ENTRANCED by the European Tram Driver Championships happening in Leipzig today

Backing Scottish independence specifically so we can deny entry to Jamie Oliver

did embarrass myself by referring to "runway twelve" instead of "runway one two"

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today I got to fly aeroplanes. In six months I hadn't forgotten too much!

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