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The Irish Left Archive Podcast is on a break for a while, but there are loads of interviews with socialists, anarchists, communists, social democrats, Republicans, activists, writers and historians from across the left in Ireland to catch up with here:

Oration delivered at the graveside of Séamus Costello, 3rd October 1982, by Jim Lane of the Cork IRSP.

New document:

The Free Press, Newspaper of the Dublin North Central Branch of Democratic Left.

No. 20, April/May 1995.

We've added a page to list other Irish left publications that aren't indexed in our collection.

Some of these we haven't seen copies of, whereas others are available elsewhere online.

If you know any we're missing, let us know!

Published 29th September 2018:

"Brexit in the Context of Ireland"

A policy document from Saoradh.

Nicky Kelly News on RTÉ's ban on a Christy Moore song in his support, 1983.

Kelly was charged with the Sallins Train Robbery. Kelly and his co-accused had signed alleged confessions under duress while in custody. He was later pardoned and compensated.

New document:


The United Irishman, Vol. 27, No. 5, Bealtaine 1973.

From (Official) Sinn Féin.

From the Socialist Republican Collective (SRC), the first issue of Socialist Republican, 1988.

The SRC was associated with the Irish People's Liberation Organisation (IPLO), which split from the INLA in 1986.

"The Irish Question: A Socialist Analysis"

From the Socialist Party of Great Britain, 1976.

"Navan and Irish Mining: Documentation of an £850,000,000 Robbery"

From the Resources Study Group (later the Resources Protection Campaign), circa 1972.

New document:

"Nice Referendum Mark II - No to a Bosses' Europe - No to Nice"

A supplement to Voice, No. 61, from the Socialist Party, 2002.

The ISN was critical of the Greens entering govt., as evidenced in this aside on then-minister John Gormley from the same issue.

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"Election Shock: Tweedledum wins!"

The Irish Socialist Network's magazine, Resistance, on the 2007 general election, which resulted in a FF-dominated government and included the Green party for the first time.

Work & Homes For All

From the North Derry branch of the Northern Ireland Labour Party, 1944.

From April 1991:

"Imperialist Hands Off the Middle East Now!"

Class Struggle, newspaper of the Irish Workers' Group, on the Gulf War against Iraq.

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