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I've just "launched" . It is an application to sync your .env-files to different machines securely. Of course, it is and built with , and . If you have any ideas or feature requests, please tell me or open an issue. The website is

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I've just published my first blog post at ! You can reqd how my blog is built and what my experience with the tools I used was.

I've just migrated my blog from to my own cms, . It's a program to manage the content of your blog with a headless api, but there is a Frontend to create and edit posts. It's made with , and . It's far from finished nor perfect, but it works! Of course, it's and available at , here:

Testing functions is easy, right? ... RIGHT?! NO! I've spent ~1.5 hrs on it and DIDN'T GET IT TO WORK!!!

Isn't that awkward that I use an project from , the owner of ?

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here's a proof that we're all the same person, look at me posting this from all my alts

Have you ever used @kde connect? No? You're missing something. It makes your life easier. Sync the clipboard between devices (Linux and android), send files, execute commands and so much more!

If you post these long threads, @FediFollows, could you please set the visibility of the posts to "not listed in public timeline" or something, so that I don't have 10 new posts, but if I want to see them, I can still click on the first post of the thread and look at them?

What's the "best" of the worst? If Microsoft, please reply below! @Mixtape

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I wanna to an project! It shouldn't be huge (a small side-project by sb else)! I'd also be interested in forking a project. Any ideas?

I hate ! They are too stupid to give me a reasonable mirror, so I am downloading with ~1mb/s, although my internet can do ~11mb/s. Sometimes I get 11mb/s with sourceforge, sometimes even worse with ~0.3mb/s!!!

Does it make sense to run a if one machine (of 2) goes offline regularly for ~7hrs a day?

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🇬🇧 If, by any way, you discover a tracker that is not listed on Exodus' side, don't hesitate to let us know, we will take a look ;)

🇫🇷 Si d'une façon ou d'une autre, vous découvrez un traqueur qui n'est pas connu du côté d'Exodus, n'hésitez pas à nous le signaler, on regardera !

Yesterday, I've upgraded to and I love it! Using and it works even better than the android 11 from before!

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#DSGVO: Trotz massivem #Datenleck kein #Bußgeld für #Buchbinder

Nach einem Datenleck bei der Autovermietung Buchbinder muss diese kein Bußgeld bezahlen. Juristen wundern sich über die Begründung der Datenschutzbehörde.

Any one-handed that you can to me, just to play it on the way? Something like a ? Doesn't have to be or open-source

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