An f-bomb. 

Every day I ride the U1 across the Danube, reminding me that I haven't been sailing this year. Not once. Who was it that said: "There's s fine line between social networking and wasting your fucking life"?

99% of Twitter business accounts aren't meant to "interface" with the customer, they are only bullhorns for their sales depts.

Has ANYONE EVER received a helpful answer from one of these (unless they could up- or cross-sell you a purported solution)?

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The new look includes a fact-check section. Nice.

To US readers: this might not be of interest to you, as it reports on facts, not scripture. via Mastodon>Twitter crosspost

No, justices don't lash out. Well, they didn't use to. It seems that the last traces of that democratic rule-of-law patina has peeled off, revealing an impotent, divided empire in dissolution. via Mastodon>Twitter crosspost

@Max_in_Vienna they're planning on overturning brown vs BoE and bringing back jim crow, I'd guess.

Congratulations on taking a bold step into the 19th century. How does it feel living in a theocracy? What's next? Slavery? ... though that one was never really gone, was it? via Mastodon>Twitter crosspost

Insanity. You inculcate children with drivel of the first order, then watch them spend their lives arguing about said poppycock. What a colossal waste of time and effort. via Mastodon>Twitter crosspost

No doubt, will be in charge of manicures. Members of the media can request to have them cut extra, extra short. The have some experience in this field. via Mastodon>Twitter crosspost

The Russian Federation replaced the USSR when it fell apart. Perhaps it would be more apt to speak of the American Federation, rather than the increasingly irrelevant United States of America. via Mastodon>Twitter crosspost

On reading this headline, my first thought was: "What a load of hooey."

Now, after reading through the article, I stand corrected: "What a load of manure." via Mastodon>Twitter crosspost

"It's complicated" is what all sides of an argument hate hearing, especially if it threatens the trenches they have dug out for themselves.

Perhaps the question should be: why is this (beyond scientific curiosity) anyone's business or interest?

It's funny, what some people call "low".
Americans believe in:

God 81%
Biblical God 56%
Demons & Ghosts 45%
Creationism 40%
Sun revolves around earth 25%
Vampires 13%
Moon landings were faked 10% via Mastodon>Twitter crosspost

If you have to ask ...
She certainly looks panicky. Did the call come from INSIDE the House ... or Senate? Allow me a guess: Manchin? Sinema? via Mastodon>Twitter crosspost

Steaming full speed backwards.

Revanchism, loss of purpose, preoccupation only with oneself, loss of values & moral authority until a nation has nothing left but a bloated yet still lethal military, are classic indicators of an empire in demise.

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