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What conditions in my childhood caused me to enjoy filling my time with enjoying YouTube MacBook component-level motherboard repair ASMR

Turns out if I just do the things instead of worrying about doing the things that the things get done- Trello also seems to help

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If you don't believe in yourself, I'll believe in you until you will too.

Writing is a lot easier on days when I have a clear head, and have the energy to take good care of myself throughout. It's very counter-intuitive that the stress of *not writing* causes me to be unable to make the fancy words in itself

While alt-text is very accessible, it is a little annoying to forget about and have to delete-and-redraft my post when @alt_text reminds me. It would be great if there was a "Disallow posting until alt-text is provided" option in Mastodon, @Gargron 🙂

It's a bit cold... I'm probably feeling colder than the temperature indicates, too

Be sure to get plenty of rest, in these difficult times ❤️

There should be a subreddit that pretends to be a neutral unbiased laptop suggestion subreddit, but actually just ends up suggesting various models of ThinkPad each and every single time

Darn you, my ultimate TF2 enemy, %killername%!!1

I need to write something, but I've been procrastinating doing so. How do I make myself write?

*alt-tabs and alt-grave's for a good 17 seconds looking for a meme i opened*

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Let's play Firefox bingo! ...where I click a link in an application, and have to randomly guess which of my 4 Firefox windows it opened up in- across my monitors, and behind my other open programs

Any good reddit subs to fill this empty day? Just discovered r/LeopardsAteMyFace

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Colleague: "Do you know how to convert a physical linux system to a virtual machine? Is there migration software that can do it"

Me: dd if=/dev/sda of=/mnt/smb-share/disk.img and boots it

Colleageu: "What do you mean you can just copy the whole hard drive"

everything's a file bruh

Hope I can figure out how to make my audiobits crackle less, but I guess crackle has been the Linux aesthetic for a while..

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> Why I never get anything done

Me: maybe I should get some more writing finished

My brain: OR you could re-read the two paragraphs that you've already written and check it for errors for the 6th time

Me: ...

I really want this, but I'm meant to be saving up for greater things- depending on how things go I may get it anyway, would make me pretty happy

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I put a lot of effort into making this Alarm Clock script for Linux, to my kinda high standards - please check out the repo, - or see a demonstration of it in video form, 😄

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