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Hi / hoi / hej! 500 characters of , wow! I'm Pepijn, a Dutchman living near the town of Billund.

My interests are broad but have in common about our world ( ), understanding its people ( ) and our common future ( ). I love looking at , playing & reading .

And I'll probably post photos of the we're regenerating 🙂

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Hi cycling people :) I installed and maintain a free bicycle repair station on a cycle lane near were we live (rural Denmark).

Am always interested in what cycling service infrastructure is available elsewhere, so if you have something: share it here! :-)


It's @plants ing Saturday! So much fun :-) The idea is to plant an open beech hedge around our shelter.

Proof of pancake ;-) I hope everyone is having a good sunday :-)

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Turns out our shelter is located in [bleep . calculation location . bleeeep] double rainbow heaven 🌈. Anyway, back to making pancakes 🥞 over the fire 🔥

As we wanted to declutter the I constructed a little cabinet from materials we had laying around. Fun two day project with half the time spend on logistics to and from the land.

The door is from an cabinet, rest of the wood is extremely low quality plywood that wood pellets (we used to heat our house like that before getting a heat pump) are delivered on. However, by it swedish red everything looks nice & ;-)

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Wakeup sheeple! ;-) Some friendly sheep next to Ems (near Leer).

I love this. Video of a Brazilian school class using and their imagination to create a character, which is then brought to life in video and .

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Tele: Rings o Power 

Why are the Hobbits all supposed to sound Irish and why the elves Upper-class English folk? 🤔

Living the good life on :-) Making tosties above a 🔥 with 🐶

I'm in tonight. I love hotels where a one person booking means an actual one person room.

Triangeln station in Mälmo, Sweden. A truly nice underground train cavern!

Doing some relaxing stargazing tonight while trying to ignore the extremely loud hedgehog taking its sweet time moving through the undergrowth meters way :-| Sometimes nature's just unpractical.

The "Latte Classic" I looked forward to looks like "oatmeal with small undefinable bits"

An hour of mushroom harvesting and we have three buckets of cantharellen. and finnish is truly amazing.

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