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Hi / hoi / hej! 500 characters of , wow! I'm Pepijn, a Dutchman living near the town of Billund.

My interests are broad but have in common about our world ( ), understanding its people ( ) and our common future ( ). I love looking at , playing & reading .

And I'll probably post photos of the we're regenerating 🙂

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Hi cycling people :) I installed and maintain a free bicycle repair station on a cycle lane near were we live (rural Denmark).

Am always interested in what cycling service infrastructure is available elsewhere, so if you have something: share it here! :-)


Dutch society summarized on a sign "This is a test. From now on you have to clean up your shit" 🐩💩

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@Pepijn @mastobikes Finally finding time to post here. This is a public building, city-managed, complete with restrooms (toilets), tables & benches along a #cycling path in Lévis, a city on the South shore of the St. Lawrence River, just in front of Quebec City.

It is an information centre of some kind, but I've never seen anyone manning the counter. I totally forgot to check if there was a repair area.

My bike can be seen behind a bench in front of the building.

Hi @mastobikes You all convinced me to get a Brompton. And it arrived (well, it arrived last week but I'm now in the Netherlands to pick it up...).

First impressions after 25km of cycling: blown away by the awesomeness. It rides just like a good full size citybike: proper speed, acceleration and agility. Only downside is the bumpy ride on paved streets (I'm spoiled with 60mm tires..).

for owners: what pressure for the tires?

Tiny bike with giant tree (sequoia) for scale.

Here last years alien. It burned well. We had marshmallows (terrible disgusting things).

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There. All prepared for the yearly 🇩🇰 Sankt Hans "burn a gender neutral alien"* event.

This year the sacrificial innocent alien is a small six-legged deer like creature with excellent depth perception and a flowery disposition. It's barely the size of a puppy. Poor thing.

It'll burn well.

*because we don't want to burn a "witch" :-)

Today I officially passed Danish language module 2.5 which means that ANY DAY NOW I'll be ready to hear the difference between Å Ø Æ and the fourteen other vowels that sound just like these!

And fifteen minutes later in the direction of the setting sun. Stunning (the photo is very accurate to the real view). As if an artist has used an airbrush to paint the sky.

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Dear Internet hivemind, I've got a little terrace space in front of my flat and I want to do my bit to increase biodiversity. What options do I have, within a student budget, to help biodiversity in the area? Birdfeeder, insect hotel, planters with wild-flowers? Send me your tips

Act 1: For the second time this week I jumped out of bed thinking I massively overslept as my partners bird sounds alarm clock was going off.

Act 2: For the second time this week I looked out of the open window at 4am and told all birds in our garden they're loud tweety arseholes who should get a better hobby.

Some abysmal proofreading there by me..

*Now I'm looking for "one"

*Or is anyone here looking to sell their Brompton [to me]?

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Hi @mastobikes Two weeks ago I asked about folding bikes and you all convinced me to get a Brompton ( Now I'm looking for now and found out there's about a 10 weeks delivery time via Danish dealers.

Online (or via dealers) the A-line is not available so I'm looking at a bare bones C-line model. Does anyone have any tips on how to get these a bit faster in Denmark (the alternative is physically going to Germany, dealers don't send them abroad..)? Or is selling theirs?

Little bike tour today, stopping at the location of the old 720 meter long viking bridge at Ravning Enge.

The will pass close to here. @mastobikes

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This link gives access to 62 blog posts about infrastructure which work well in the Netherlands to make cycling accessible and safe for everyone, giving examples of what would also work elsewhere, perhaps in your country:

As I'm a sucker for gadgets I convinced myself the rear light I *really* need has lasers projecting red stripes parallel to the .

And I was right! It projects a narrow lane (you don't want cars to pass that close) so mainly increases visibility. Added bonus is that it helps remember the existence of the bike trailer (as in: don't let the red line hit a pole, 'cause so will the trailer)...


The viewing angle on the screen of this Brother paper cutter makes for an unfortunate symbol.. (looking straight at the screen it's simply not there)

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Susanna Pell & me: two international touring musicians who have refused all work-related flying since 2011. A lot of time spent on trains, and no more intercontinental trips, sadly. See

Minor tactical error: I've been feeding a wild in order to befriend it. It still gives me the evil eye but is now comfortable enough to sleep on top of the coop. 😐

So @ruari, any foldable bikes with one tiny and one massively tiny wheel you know off?

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