Hi cycling people :) I installed and maintain a free bicycle repair station on a cycle lane near were we live (rural Denmark).

Am always interested in what cycling service infrastructure is available elsewhere, so if you have something: share it here! :-)


(sorry for the typos..)

More information:

The land you see is ours. When the cyclelane was built we thought it would be nice if people could have somewhere to sit and perform basic bike repairs.

First idea was to use a random old bench and bike-pump on a chain. I did ask the community for subsidy though, and they ended up paying for nice materials! :-)

After levelling the ground I installed the equipment, planted hedges (takes some years to become visible) and now people use it every day :-)

@maru @mastobikes oh yes! As a Dutch person (living abroad though) I take that for granted and didn't even consider it!

@Pepijn This is lovely. I first encountered a public air supply when cycling in Sweden. They didn’t have them back in the 90s when I lived in DK.

@continuation There's still not that many here. They're wither one-offs like mine, or communities who have a bunch along a specific route (Copenhagen and Vejle are the two I know).

And maybe that's fine as not everything has to be a perfect system. It would be nice to have that Dutch style cycling node network (knooppunt netwerk) in place. I'm now considering creating a demo of a veeery basic version just for or area

@Pepijn @continuation

The one improvement I would suggest for any newly setup system:

Please have nation-wide system or make sure the municipalities/provinces overlap/cooperate on the numbering and map-interconnecting.

Moving from one province to another on the network is still a bit confusing in NL.

@Pepijn That is great. I have a small park near me that has a set of bike tools for public use. Each tool is secured on a retracting cable and attached on the other end to a post in in the ground.

@Pepijn That is so awesome. Truly amazing that you did this and maintain this service. Now I will almost certainly never use this personally but I still want to say, thanks! 😉

@ruari Massive penny-farthings are welcome to use it though!

@Pepijn The tools might be handy but I don't need the air. My tyres are solid rubber. 😆

@Pepijn @mastobikes It's very nice of you. On the outskirts of my city, somebody did something similar. The bike trail passes behind their house. They have a bike shop in a separate garage, but they have a free area with picnic tables, and there's a water tap right on the side of the trail.

I'll try to remember to take pictures and share them when I'll go back that way!


In #Jena, just in front of the central scyscraper building.

And as I made the screenshot I saw, it is included in #OSM.

If there is a OSM specialist around.... is there an easy way to highlight such repair stations (like petrol station, restaurants)?


@xriss @Pepijn @mastobikes there's a mapcomplete theme for that:
you need to zoom in to load the data. And in the bottom left you can select the layers/POIs you want to display.


This is great and I used it to correct / add some information in my neighbourhood right after reading your answer. Thanks.

What I'm looking for is a POI layer for OSMAnd to display bike related information. Is there a simple way?

@Pepijn @mastobikes

@xriss @Pepijn @mastobikes Yes, it is possible. I have written it somewhere as a toot already. I am going to search for it. In short: Configure your map, search for bicycle repair stations, save that filter and enable it. Then, the POIs are show on the map

@Pepijn Just so you know, it’s been referenced on #OpenStreetMap and "someone" just added your mastodon account as a contact medium.

@FroehlichMarcel looks like a solid device. Is it maintained by some government organization?

@Pepijn I think it is maintained by ADFC (national cyclists club), but public institutions on multiple levels do the funding.

@Pepijn wow. That's great service :)
(is it already mapped in the #OSM database?)

@Pepijn looks pretty good already. So it's free and always accessible? But not lit, right?

@buwel It appears someone edited it today. It's still missing some tags this one for example has:

Only lit by the moon and stars.

@Pepijn added some additional tags. Looks like a nice spot and it's close to Legoland, oh boy! 😄

@buwel Super! Yes, it is actually possible to cycle to Legoland (or LEGO offices ;-)) without having to leave the bicycle infrastructure. About six km.

@Pepijn @mastobikes There is none over here.
In fact that one is there first one I have ever seen.

@Pepijn how often does it get devaststed? Lots of maintenance involved?

@gdr No vandalism ever (yet..?). Otherwise it has been there for a year now and looks as new.

Only maintenance I've done is lubricate the pump seals (prolongs life) and the tools/metal chains (slows corrosion). 'bout five minutes every two months.

I took the pump and tools away between December and February as I figured they wouldn't get any use in that period. Will probably keep doing that as it will massively prolong the life (and takes maybe 15 minutes to do).

@Pepijn sounds manageable, thanks for going into details!

We don't even have cycle lanes (outer district of Dresden, capital city of Saxony)

@tpheine @mastobikes When no lane is a cycle-lane, every lane becomes a cycle-lane :-)

But yeah, you'd think by now we should do better.

@Pepijn @mastobikes This is wonderful, and it leads me to question why a country lane in rural Denmark should be better equipped than the city I live in. 🤔

@kgerloff I think it's because I'm trying to construct the world I want to be in, and there it really helps that Danish society seems to be set up to facilitate citizens when they take ownership of something.*

On the cyclelane itself: it's actually a busy road as in summer all the German and Dutch tourists use it to drive to Legoland.

*and is rich enough to do so.. ;-)

@Pepijn Here in Germany, they´d probably tear down the repair station because it lacks a permit by some authority nobody´s ever heard of.

(Perhaps I´m being overly pessimistic. I hope I am.)

@kgerloff well, here in Denmark I did have to get a building permit for the foundation, an access to land permit and a "can 4x5 meter of woodland be converted into infrastructure" land use chance permit.

Took three months and an hour of work (45min of those to make a professional looking overview map in MS Paint on a laptop with a touchpad) :-D

@Pepijn @mastobikes be sure to mark it as amenity=bicycle_repair_station in #openstreetmap, or let me know the coordinates and I'll put it in :)

@sa2tms Thanks, but it's in already (see other comments)

@Pepijn @mastobikes This looks great!

I just recently got involved with my city's cycling advocacy group, and we were just talking about public repair stands. A few years ago our city put one in a park near the province's big trail system, but without a maintenance plan. It was badly vandalized and eventually taken down, and now the city is reluctant to spend money on it again.

Your stand looks pretty robust, though. Is it a commercial product?

@ivanvector @mastobikes yeah this only works with a maintenance plan, and even then it requires a place where people have the decency to uphold the social contract to not be utter destructive arseholes..

It's a commercial product, DM me for some details.

@Pepijn @mastobikes Well done! I was chuffed to see a few of these around #Swansea #UK the other week. Can't remember locations though.

@Pepijn @mastobikes
In Baden-Württemberg, Germany, are a growing number of such repair stations. They are called RadServicePunkt. But there is no map on which they are all shown.

@Pepijn @mastobikes cool stuff thanks, and will obviously share pics of the few bicycle tool stations we have in France, but don’t get your hopes too high…we are the flint stones of the bike age here.

@Grapefr8 @mastobikes ..with your mismatched Decathlon bikes that come in about one size ;-)

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