Massive Twitter outage reported, so I thought I’d check over here for the first time in a while. Howdy!

Our first baby tomato!

Last year we didn’t grow a thing edible. Not one. But we learned from our failures and made adjustments.

Soon we will eat the fruits of our labors. Literally.

Howdy, folks! I'm writing tonight to help process this week that I know has hit all of us hard.

I hope you find a way to rest and release as we all work through.

One breath at a time!

Folks, I'm about to write a women-led comedy feature. More witty than gross on the humor side...

I've never written a comedy feature, but this story WANTS to be written and I need it outta my brain.

What films should I watch to help get my brain in the zone?

Tonight, I had the sudden urge to listen to a particular song.

I realized, as I searched for it, that the first time I heard this song was March 2020... just after I decided to start screenwriting again after a 10 year break.

It's May 2022 and I'm working on my 11th script since March 2020.

Tears are in my eyes. No, I haven't reached all my goals. But, I have kept working. I've kept learning. I've kept pushing.

It's only a matter of time before I catch my dreams, now. Onward!

Life was a little too gray… insert a line of yellow for the biggest wall of the great room. I love it!!

It’s my birthday! Today I am 38 and nowhere near ready to grow up. Grateful to every year around the Sun!

Right now, I have schrodinger's tomatoes until I go outside in the morning.

Did they survive the latest severe storm? Did they not? Tonight, they MIGHT still be alive, so I'm going to go to sleep without mourning my poor, just-planted tomatoes.

Too many things need cages.

The peppers need cages. The zucchini need cages. The eggplant need cages. The jalapenos need cages. The squash need cages.

I already got 'em for the tomatoes. But, oy, I'm getting an education this year! EVERYTHING I planted needs bloody cages! 😆

I pushed too hard today, but it was freakin' worth it. Ya know?

Sometimes, you want the sweat on your brow, the burning in your chest, the aching in your bones. Because you know you DID something with your day.

My body aches... but my spirit sighs with relief.

This movie made me sob in so many ways. What a masterpiece. So glad we were finally able to watch it!

New plants for the garden. So excited to get started tomorrow.

Dancing in the kitchen on a Saturday morning. That's my beautiful life!

May your Saturdays be as joyful!

My birthday's almost here, and I'm brainstorming what I want to do with my kids.

I like to introduce them to one new thing on my birthday every year. Thinking... roller skating this year? Maybe!

Homework for twin 7-year-olds is pure torture.

Struggling through test preparation and paragraph writing with two little boys who are distracted and just want to play.

That was one of the BEST thing about homeschooling... done with schoolwork by Noon daily!

The thing I've learned being a sufferer of chronic illness and chronic pain—the first option is almost never the right one.

Yes, it's a pain having to go through multiple options... but the few times in my life I went with my first, I almost always had complications and further surgeries.

Be your best advocate! Stick up for yourself. It truly matters in the end.

This week's Moon Knight cut deep, and it was all the deeper seeing elements of one of the cultures I grew up in represented on the screen.

Mom's side is Ukrainian Jews, and I love my cousins dearly.

To see a Jewish MCU superhero on the screen... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't emotional about it!

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