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🚫 A new game for the NES?
🚫 A FOSS game for the NES?
🚫 A FOSS smash-like for the NES?
✅ An online FOSS smash-like for the NES!

There is a Wi-Fi chip in the cart, because "why not?"

It is rollback netcode, because everything is possible!

You know your way in C#, mono, and NES homebrew?

This promising homebrew IDE by Sumez needs your help to be made Linux-compatible ;)

Si vous voulez m'écouter donner mon avi à des gens 1000x plus légitimes que moi, c'est ici 😎

Theme : Difficulté et accessibilité des jeux vidéo.

Question bonus : En tant que dev, devrait-on adapter la difficulté au plus grand nombre ?

🎉️ I just released YOGA Image Optimizer 1.0!

It is a small tool to convert and optimize JPEG, PNG and WebP Images

It is available for #Linux and #Windows; check it out on ➡️

New derivation: a very well made 10min backstage video published by Morevna team. They are converting Pepper&Carrot Episode 3 into a motion comic with only Free/Libre and Open-Source Software and they explain their process.
#krita #b3d

Petal Crash 1.1 came to Switch, which means my fursona is now playable in a Switch game

Been researching WebRTC and my brother linked this post on fighting game netcode (the software art of combating underdeveloped and/or aging web infrastructure). The article specifically outlines delay based and rollback paradigms. I love how it outlines the un-intuitive (but mostly solvable!) pitfalls that come with any netcode.

I wonder when netcode-like code is applied to computers internally, since everything comes with some level of delay and noise:

- Compile on the desktop-computer
- Flash the cart with the laptop
- Debug by listening to audio glitchs from the monitor
- Watch cart's logs on the laptop's screen
- Control the NES with a controller
- Add some SSH, and COM TTY to the mix

Most straight-forward process ever 👍

🎮 New derivation: play Pepper on the Nes! She was added to Super Tilt Bro, a homebrew open project aiming at porting a "versus platformer fighting" to the 1985 Nes Nintendo console. I super like this derivation 😺

Blog post with all infos to play:

Author: @RogerBidon (of the game and also the video trailer). #nes #gamedev #retrogaming #creativecommons

@davidrevoy Je ne te l'ai jamais demandé explicitement. Qu'en pense-tu ? J'éspère ne pas avoir trop dénaturer le personnage en l'adaptant dans un jeu de combat sur NES avec mes maigres talents d'animation.

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Pepper&Carrot implementation is Super Tilt Bro. is now complete and published!

I am really happy with the result!

Gonna have Petal Crash Online launch open beta this month, and then I'll get to have a bunch of people play a PC game I programmed!

"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Here, between electronic garbage, with a hot coffee and the Turrican soundtrack from a ghetto blaster."

  -- Constantin Gillies

Advanced technique : the juggle

The goal is to forbid your opponent to hit the ground by repeatedly hitting them to re-throw them. They cannot get their double-jump back, nor (of course) use their grounded abilities. When done right, it is really powerful!

There you can see Pepper's options for juggling. On ground, she wipes here foo with the broomstick. In the air, she throws explosive potions.

Double the threat, if the first explosion hits, this is an empowered strike!

🖨️✂️ New derivation: "Pepper&Carrot Treasure Hunt" by Filipe Vieira, a free card game to DIY for kids.

Animations and gameplay tuning progress, I begin to genuinely enjoy playing Pepper!

Reference of the day: Dark stare, from my favorite episode ->

Finally animated the “dunk combo” 😅

💥 down-tilt: Pepper uses a shovel to propel her opponent in the air
🔧 side-aerial: Pepper meteor-smashes with her giant wrench

References in the comic:
- Episode 14: The dragon's tooth ->
- Episode 19: Pollution ->

🎉️ Nautilus Terminal v4.0 Released!

🔸️ #GNOME 40 / #Nautilus 40 support
🔸️ A new context menu
🔸️ A lot of fixes and improvements


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