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🚫 A new game for the NES?
🚫 A FOSS game for the NES?
🚫 A FOSS smash-like for the NES?
✅ An online FOSS smash-like for the NES!

There is a Wi-Fi chip in the cart, because "why not?"

It is rollback netcode, because everything is possible!

Dunno how many other out there might need something like this, but I recently wanted to look in depth at the data on an Apple II disk image. So...

I wrote a python program to parse Apple II NIB images and inspect/extract data from them.

tech support, tech dps, tech tank, and tech healer

Am I using pillow in a GIMP plugin? Yes.
Do I regret? No.

Now I'll put my socks, my sandals, and mix red with white wine 🧦 👡 🍷

Found a deleted image called GIRL2 on this Apple II DOS boot disk. Wondering if this was unique to this dump, or if official disks went out with this deleted file?

Another #LLVM backend targeting #mos6502 . Looks pretty interesting. Didn't realize compiling C to 6502 was such a challenge, with the tiny stack and whatnot. Also some interesting notes there about LLVM trying way too hard to avoid branches to please the nonexistent branch predictor.

sometimes i prototype simple games in BASIC.

Current prototype is called WOLF.

because reasons it's in BBC BASIC under RISC OS on my pi2.
(the best chair is in front of the pi2!)

player controls a wolf, and the "enemies" are rabbits.
the rabbits have a "game of life" thing going... any time 2 rabbits are next to each other, a new rabbit is spawned. the wolf is trying to keep the rabbits from filling up the entire screen...


#basic #RiscOS #RISCOS #BBCBasic #wolf

Linux distros have a hard time keeping all emscripten components in sync. Regularly producing esoteric failures.

emsdk can install various versions, independent of distro.

usage (no root required):


# Checkout emsdk (only once)
git clone

# Update emscripten
cd emsdk
git pull
./emsdk install "$emscripten_version"

# Activate emscripten
./emsdk activate "$emscripten_version"
source ./

# Now you can use emcc, em++, wasm-ld, ...

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emscripten 2.0.19 (05/04/2021):
Emscripten will now warn when linker-only `-s` settings are specified in compile-only (`-c`) mode.

em++: error: linker setting ignored during compilation: 'ASSERTIONS' [-Wunused-command-line-argument] [-Werror]

Pass the "-s ASSERTION" only on linker's command-line

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emscripten 2.0.18 (04/23/2021):

Warning at compile time
em++: warning: EXTRA_EXPORTED_RUNTIME_METHODS is deprecated, please use EXPORTED_RUNTIME_METHODS instead [-Wdeprecated]

change "-s EXTRA_EXPORTED_RUNTIME_METHODS=..." in em++ parameters to "-s EXPORTED_RUNTIME_METHODS=..."

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Coding in assembly, you pay in maintainability for even the slightest optimization.

I recently fixed a bug, putting zero in the APU sweep unit, not quite deactivate it, you have to set it to 8.

Half a day lost because of the commented-out LDA following it!!! 👿👿👿

You know your way in C#, mono, and NES homebrew?

This promising homebrew IDE by Sumez needs your help to be made Linux-compatible ;)

Si vous voulez m'écouter donner mon avi à des gens 1000x plus légitimes que moi, c'est ici 😎

Theme : Difficulté et accessibilité des jeux vidéo.

Question bonus : En tant que dev, devrait-on adapter la difficulté au plus grand nombre ?

🎉️ I just released YOGA Image Optimizer 1.0!

It is a small tool to convert and optimize JPEG, PNG and WebP Images

It is available for #Linux and #Windows; check it out on ➡️

New derivation: a very well made 10min backstage video published by Morevna team. They are converting Pepper&Carrot Episode 3 into a motion comic with only Free/Libre and Open-Source Software and they explain their process.
#krita #b3d

Petal Crash 1.1 came to Switch, which means my fursona is now playable in a Switch game

Been researching WebRTC and my brother linked this post on fighting game netcode (the software art of combating underdeveloped and/or aging web infrastructure). The article specifically outlines delay based and rollback paradigms. I love how it outlines the un-intuitive (but mostly solvable!) pitfalls that come with any netcode.

I wonder when netcode-like code is applied to computers internally, since everything comes with some level of delay and noise:

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