First skinny dip with people since 2019! Felt good!

This rose bush came back to life two years ago after 15 years of dormancy! It was planted in 1970 or so by my grandmother.

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If I could spare a moment to shamelessly promote my small child, I just put up a new video we filmed in April and I would surely appreciate if you could help us get to 100 subscribers so we can get a custom Youtube URL that isn't impossible to remember :D

Next person who shows me their dreamcatcher tattoo that's on their chest must tell me if they've read the important reason for dreamcatchers: TO CATCH NIGHTMARES!

These idiots are basically bringing bad dreams into their spirits!

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Headline: "Why intermittent fasting isn't effective or healthy"

What's actually in the article: Intermittent fasting does not reduce risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease and is not effective when people binge-eat while doing it

Well, d'uh

Mother's Day. A day where my wife really doesn't want to celebrate, calls it a "Fake holiday". I made a ham for her, she did some potatoes in the air fryer. Yesterday she picked up outdoor flowers and potting soil. Like she has for the past 27 years.

Father's Day is: My son trying to convince my wife that I need a new electronic gizmo while she allows me to get a good steak for me to grill LOL

Today's trip to the mall:
3 people without masks. Two older men (little younger than me), told to put on their masks, "Oh sh*t, sorry" Pulled them up, CRS moments.

Woman told to put hers on. "I'm fully vaxed." Security guard reminded her, still need it. "Sorry" and put one on.

It's getting better

When the cat wakes you up, when the cable box decides to die. What do you do? You get on the laptop and write about what you did during summers as a teenager.


Friday, market night. Oreo the Mooch knows this! Butterscotch waits, patiently


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