: If you are interested in reading, there is what essentially happened with this project during 2020!


: SquirrelJME is published to OSS SonaType now, so if you import the snapshot repository you will be able to bring in modules (APIs) from SquirrelJME into another Java project. t.co/EyLFOZTQHV

: After much difficulty and frustration I have gotten part of SquirrelJME Published to the OSS Sonatype Nexus! Hopefully I can get more in there accordingly. t.co/5ZlX76td3t

: I added publishing to Maven Local in SquirrelJME rather on a whim, so if you do this yourself you should be able to use SquirrelJME's modules from other projects.

: Programming with ADHD involves having multiple branches open at the same time, getting developed together. t.co/22WH8MptK1

: A dedicated Mastodon account has been created for SquirrelJME located at t.co/NHkTPXWVj4 ! I will not be using my personal account on there as it is in a restricted federation, so to give more people access I setup a new account. This will mirror Twitter!


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