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Hey guys! I'm looking for suggestions of fediverse alternatives for Twitch, if any. With Twitch's recent changes to discoverability they've basically nuked small channels and my numbers are basically nothing now. I don't need a perfect replacement I just need somewhere I could grow a small community and I'd rather avoid going over to Youtube *shudder*

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Explaining Mastodon in a conversation is so much easier than doing it through text on a website. That has never gotten easier. In fact it's gotten harder because now you have to worry about not sounding like a cryptocurrency because the concept of "decentralization" has been co-opted...

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Capitalism is a race to the top from an individuals perspective.

But a race to the bottom from a societal perspective.

Mary's Danish was a band with a lot of potential. If you have never heard of them, start with their album "There Goes the Wonder Truck."


Not sure if anybody here was on Diaspora, but since it seems to have gone tits-up, does anybody know of an alternative?

Every time I watch Constantine, I swoon over Tilda Swinton rocking a suit.

My electric bill for this month is gonna be stupid. Damned Tennessee heat.

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Like, is now a good time to mention the Texas GOP just ratified their new platform which calls for repealing the 1965 Voting Rights Act and removing all legal rights for LGBT people?

Like, deleting their legal rights to exist.


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If #RoevsWade is overturned some 36 million women may see their right to abortion threatened.

@meugeniarpalop says "A global war on women is being waged. Often the henchman is a rogue judiciary or one subject to the diktat of an authoritarian government."

🐦🔗: nitter.eu/Left_EU/status/15346

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the great scholar mike davis is going into palliative care today surrounded by family. he is one of the greatest writers on the modern capitalist world, its production, and a bridge between the old left and the new. and we must keep his undying optimism that we hold the answers to the future alive:

Okay, I'm digging Bacon Reader as a reddit client.

I'm going to try and soldier through work, but sitting here in the parking garage, I just want to start my car, drive back home, and fall in to bed.

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Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy Mastodon compared to Twitter?

Because it’s really great.

OMG hot!
The only thing I was doing today was hauling laundry to and from the laundry room. The rest of it was resting in the AC. Like, actual off-my-feet laying down resting. One thing having no internet (other than my phone) in the flat has done, it's made me realize just how vital getting off your feet and not sitting at a computer is.

Tonight is going to be a fried egg sandwich with a smattering of some Trader Joe's eggplant, roasted red pepper, and garlic spread.

Love to all! ❤️❤️❤️

#spirituality #hinduism 

Maa Durga and Lord Ganesha have been installed, and are now enjoying a snack. ❤️😁🕉️🙏

At my local vegetarian/vegan bakeshop. So much yummy.

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Today I'd appreciate it if you CW your Supreme Court gossip, please consider that a bunch of very online people saying "what did you expect" and "OF COURSE it was going to be this bad" doesn't help anyone or change the world in any way

It's been a shite week at work. We're understaffed, and my shift only has 4 security guards, and no supervisor.

Today was my Friday, so now I'm in weekend. And I'm celebrating by being in bed early.

Aaah, the life of a middle-aged bachelor.

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